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In African especially in Nigeria, the importance of yam can not be ignored and that’s why many villages and town celebrate the new yam festival.

Yam has a big status, that you can not equate it with most foods. You should know that because of the importance of yam, a festival is celebrated to welcome the new yam and that’s the popular new yam festival you know. And for you to know how important this festival is, in many villages and towns, this important event is attended by important dignitaries from such villages and towns.

Yam can be prepared in various ways;

i. Roasted

ii. Fried

iii. Boiled

iv. Pounded and to be eaten with soup

v. Cooked together with beans.

In this article, we will discuss how you can prepare yamarita and pepper sauce together. This is to teach you another way of preparing yam and trust me, you will love this. So, let’s dive into it:

You will need the following ingredients for the yamarita:

1. A tuber yam

2. Small quantity of Flour

3. Eggs, let’s say three

3. Salt

4. Paprika

5. Cube seasoning

6. Oil for frying

Ingredients for the pepper sauce:

1. Oil

2. Pepper

3. Salt

4. Cube seasoning

5. Onions

Follow these Steps to Prepare Your Yamarita:

1. First, peel, cut and then wash the yam.

2. Put the yam inside a pot and cook

3. When the yam must have cooked very well. Bring it them and drain the water out.

4. Next, sprinkle some flour on them and keep aside.

5. Break the eggs and season them with salt, paprika and cube seasoning as well. Put a little   flour and mix together.

6. Now, deep the yam into your egg mixture and allow them to coat.

7. Fry and strain them.

Follow these Steps to Prepare Your Pepper Sauce

1. Wash and chop the onions and pepper as well.

2. Pour oil into the frying pan, heat it for a while before adding onions and then fry a little.

3. Add the pepper and season as well.

4. Taste it to know if it’s and if there’s any to add, add and cook for a while before taking off from the fire.

And your yamarita and pepper sauce is already to be served. Follow the steps and prepare yours. Come back and share the experience with us. We would love to hear from you.

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