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How To Prepare Turkish Delicacy Hummus

Everyone loves to travel around, and why not, it’s fun and exciting. As an adventurer you should love to go around the world, getting to know about other people’s cultures and practises. Fun as it is, the very big challenge you might face (aside a difference in language and weather) is food. If you are being accustomed to the delicacies from home, it will be quite strange for you to settle for a change in food. This is very much pronounced about Africans, in fact I had a friend who struggled with this for months after reaching the U.K. This is how to prepare the Turkish Delicacy Hummus

Many of our foods at home have a considerable amount of pepper while those he was offered lacked this spice. If you ever travel to the Middle East (or anywhere in Europe for that matter), you should order hummus. Hummus is a very nourishing and delicious delicacy and it will surely satisfy you. Words can’t just describe its taste, don’t mind its boring look, go ahead and dig in and you will be glad you did. Just how is hummus prepared?

Hummus, The Origin

Hummus originates from the Middle East (and I am glad it did!) but now it has spread to every corner of the world. It is readily found in Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Egypt. However, It can also be found in Israel, where it is offered as a ceremonial delicacy. Hummus is made from blending chickpeas, sesame tahini with olive oil and lemon juice with garlic in the company of spices such as pepper, cumin, and smoked paprika and sumac.

How to prepare Turkish Delicacy Hummus

Like I said, hummus is made from crushed chickpeas, it is the major ingredient. You don’t even need to buy chickpeas from the market, you can get them in cans. If you have the peas, preparing hummus is just a piece of cake. Canned chickpeas come well in handy if you ask me. If ever you feel the urge to eat some hummus, you can simply get your cans from the fridge and go at them.

There is no cock sure approach in preparing hummus but I’ve got a recipe that can produce some decent tasting hummus. I implore you to try out this recipe, even as Africans. I have and I enjoyed the experience. And besides, it is brilliant to add one more delicacy to your family food’s timetable, don’t you think? How do you prepare hummus?

Ingredients Needed

One can chickpeas (this is about two cups of well drained, cooked chickpeas)Three tablespoons of olive oil Three tablespoons of tahini, Lemon juice, add as much as that can taste it, One Clove garlic, don’t care about the beauty of the dicing, it doesn’t matter, Salt, Finely grounded black pepper, Pita wedges (optional)Pita chips (optional)Raw sliced vegetables (optional)

Equipment Needed

Blender, for crushing the chickpeas, can Opener Rubber spatula Measuring cups and spoons Citrus reamer (optional)Fine mesh strainer

What To Do

1. Peeling Time?

Open the can of chickpeas and drain them out into a strainer. You can keep the remaining liquid from the cans. For a better result, peel the skin of the chickpeas one after the other, it will give you a hummus as smooth as silk.

2. It’s Time You Blended

Place all the ingredients; that is the chickpeas, olive oil, tahini, cumin, garlic, pepper and other ingredients into a blender and push the start button….grrrrrin…

3. Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough

This is not a Michael Jackson’s song, really. Don’t stop the blender until the hummus is super smooth. Scrap all the sides of the blender back into the paste, don’t let any of the larger part escape the homogenization.

4. Tasting Time!

Go ahead, have a taste, don’t be shy. If you don’t like the taste, add more seasoning. Too little pepper, adjust this. If you don’t like the texture, let’s say it is too thick, add some of the can liquid to thin it out. This would make it creamier too.

5. Are We Done?

Almost, transfer to a bowl and get ready to serve. Put some of the hummus into a plate and serve with some pita or vegetables.

Tips And Tricks

If you want a better cook, follow the few tips.

Hummus is good when you crush the chickpeas. But if you want a smooth paste, take the trouble of peeling the peas. True, this takes time but it is totally worth it and once you eat this you won’t try hummus made without peeling the peas.Why use canned chickpeas when you can cook your own? By cooking your chickpeas, you tend to control the final taste of your hummus. This will increase preparation time but gives you a greater freedom.


Hummus can be eaten directly. But if you don’t finish you can put it in a sealed container and stored in the refrigerator. Hummus can last a week.

Now You Know

Now you know about the meal that captivated my soul. Next to pancakes, I really loved it. Try it out or order for one in a restaurant that have it on their menu, it won’t run your stomach, I promise, and you won’t surely regret it.




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