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How To Prepare Nigerian Pancakes

One major reason why i love Nigeria is that we have our own version of everything. When we find something say a gadget or a tool or even a recipe that we can’t manage to recreate, we create something similar with the available ingredients or supplies we can manage. This is a post on how to prepare Nigerian Pancakes.

I was just surfing the web some days ago while something pop up. I stumbled upon a post about pancakes. I have never eaten pancakes (Hey cut me some slack, i was brought up in the “better parts of town” if you know what i am insinuating. Oh, you have not eaten pancakes too? Really! That makes two of us!) so i read up the ingredients and see if they were things available in our homeland market so i could cook up something nice. They weren’t, at least not all of them. I was about to abandon project when suddenly I got a brilliant idea. Could it be possible that there are Nigerian pancakes?


So i hurried back to Google and typed the word…..

I wasn’t surprised when i saw the fact, there are indeed many recipes for preparing Nigerian pancakes! I should have known, Nigerians are so resilient they would find their way around everything.

The ingredients needed for this delicious food are all available at our arms stretch and you don’t need stressing yourself. I copied the recipe and made some pancakes, there were the yummiest (permit my language) things i have eaten this year.

So how can you prepare your own pancakes? Let’s find out, shall we?

Pancakes, A Source Of Balance Diet

I don’t know about you, but i like to know the nutritional value of what i am eating. Most Nigerians are concerned about quantity and they don’t give a dime about quality. They only want their plates to be hefty and rising like Mount Kilimanjaro not minding how nourishing the food is. A saying goes like “the biggest plate in a buffet belongs to a Nigerian “. Very funny.

The good news however is that pancakes are a source of balance diet! While most who eats or have eaten pancakes before treat it as a snack, it is so nourishing it can be eaten as breakfast, lunch or dinner. After you prepare your first pancakes i hope you will add it to your family cuisines.

How To Prepare Nigerian Pancakes

Easy breezy, if i can do it, anyone one can do this too. Like everything getting perfect pancakes takes experience and it’s not like you are preparing for the SATs, you will get it after a few tries. What will you will be needing for some brown delicious pancakes are listed below. We have to give credit to for this one.

1 cup of plain wheat flour2 or 3 eggs, depending on the size of consumers½ cup of evaporated milk, i prefer Peak MilkMargarine or butter1 cup of WaterSome saltSugar, as you like itPepper, as you like it (haba Nigerians and pepper sha)Vegetable oil.

Let The Magic Begin!

Now you have gathered all the ingredients that we need, let’s find out how to use them.

Things To Do Before Frying

To achieve a nice pancake, please heed to the few preparatory actions (Or if you are like me, don’t heed. When you make a couple of black, not so appetizing pancakes, you will understand, it’s for your own good)

1. Melt the margarine or butter. You can put it in a bowl over hot water or use a microwave oven. Both should do the trick.

2. Add the egg into the melted margarine and beat everything smoothly, add some water.

3. Enter now is the wheat flour, make sure everything mixes up with few lumps.

4. Add the remaining ingredients that is the milk, the sugar, salt and ground pepper, mix everything up quiet nicely.

5. For best results, blend the mixture with a blender. You might not want to blend but make sure you mixed them well. I did both the blended and the unblended, version, the former was better.

That wasn’t so hard, was it. But dear pilgrim in the journey to the holy land of delicious Nigerian pancakes, this is not the end. We’ve got some frying to do!

How To Fry For Quality Results

1. Set your frying pan over medium fire, add a little oil for lubricating so that the pancakes will not stick to the pan.

2. When it is hot, add some pancake batter, tilt the pan so that the batter forms a uniform spread along the frying pan.

3. Frying pancakes are very delicate, you can’t put the batter on fire and try to get something on TV. Fry one side of the batter for approximately one minute, shake the pan well until the pancake comes off.

4. Flip it to the other side until that side also gets done. The done side looks golden brown.

Enjoying Your Pancake

If you are eating the pancake as breakfast, you can eat it with custard or oatmeal or our very own Ogi. As a snack, pancakes are eaten with a bottle of something chilled.

Now You Know

Have i stirred your imagination (as well as your taste buds) with my scenes of pancakes?Now you know how to prepare Nigerian pancakes, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you set out this Saturday and try out some pancakes!You will like them, i promise you!


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