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Making of Ginger Tea

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Ginger is a highly-valued medicinal herb with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. Ginger is among the most frequently used herbs for pain relief, cold-relief, nausea, indigestion, motion sickness, and cough/catarrh relief.  Taking ginger in any form will have a great positive impact on your body.

Ginger tea has been rated as the best alternative to coffee and black tea. This implies that those afraid of caffeine in the coffee tea can gladly go for the Ginger tea. It is the best tea to keep you warm throughout the day. Besides, the daily intake of ginger has been proven to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and coronary heart disease according to the nutrition study posted on the ‘VeryWellfit’ webpage.

Ginger equally has the ability to reduce cholesterol levels and lower sugar levels. Ginger also reduces the risk of heart disease and the chances of cancer disease.

Ginger tea can be easy to afford and prepare. You have many options while preparing the tea to either reduce the pepper-spicy of the ginger or increase it by simply adding more water or adding more Ginger slices. Everything will depend on your taste.



There are many ways you can prepare ginger tea, the type of ginger tea you want to prepare will determine what will be required as ingredients. However, for a simple ginger tea, you do not need many ingredients to prepare it. The few things you need are:

A cup of water

One piece of fresh ginger root

Honey or sugar



Making of Ginger Tea

Making of Ginger Tea

Slice the ginger root into flat sections pieces to uncover the larger portion it’s inside. This method will reduce the boiling time of the water and the time it will take for the ginger to simmer in the water. It also ensures that almost all the spicy taste of the ginger is transferred into the water.

Pour the sliced ginger rots into your water-boiling kettle containing the one cup of water for the tea and place it on your stove. Reduce the heating effect of the stove to its lowest level to allow the water temperature to rise gradually with a long time duration before boiling. This method will guarantee 100% spicy taste transfer into the water.

Once the water has attained its boiling temperature, bring it down from the stove and allow it to cool before filtering the water out if you are not in a hurry. But if you are in a hurry, you can just go ahead and filter out the sliced ginger root from the boiled water. The water from the ginger root is your Ginger tea.

Sip the Ginger tea to check the level of the pepper-spicy if it is too high you can reduce it by adding more quality of clean water.

You can use honey to add a sweet taste to the ginger tea and at the same time reduce the spicy effect of the ginger tea.



As I mentioned earlier, ginger tea can be prepared in a variety of ways depending on your preference.

Ginger tea with lime or lemon

Adding lime or lemon to your ginger tea gives it a special flavor and adds a more acidic taste to your ginger tea. There few ways you can do that, either add sliced lime or lemon to the tea while it’s still hot or you squeeze the water from the lime or lemon directly into the ginger tea. Depending on what you intend to achieve, you can still boil the sliced ginger roots with sliced lime or lemon.


Ginger with green tea

Adding ginger into green tea will help to bring the flavor of green tea and ginger together for special taste and nutrition. To do that simply add green tea into your already boiled ginger tea.


Ginger tea with cinnamon

Another way you can add more flavor to your ginger tea is to drop cinnamon into your ginger tea while it is still hot or during boiling. This will bring the great flavor and medicinal values of cinnamon into your tea.

Ginger tea with turmeric

The anti-inflammatory, extra-spicy, and intriguing flavor of Turmeric will make its combination with your ginger tea a great one. All you need to do is just slice it and boil it together with your ginger roots.

Ginger tea with mint

When it comes to having a fresh-cooling effect the mint has it at high volume and will leave your ginger tea with nothing less than a fresh-cooling taste and feeling after every sip from the cup. Just drop a few sprigs of fresh mint into your ginger tea.







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