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How to Prepare Akara with Beans Powder

Preparing of Akara

How to Prepare Akara with Beans Flour

This is one of the common food among Nigerians. Though it goes with a different name in different areas, the name ‘Akara’ seems to be one of the publicly known names that everyone uses to recognize it.

Akara otherwise known as bean cake is a traditional food among Nigerians, loved by many and cherished by children. Taking a plate of Pap or custard with Akara and bread could brighten your day and keep you full throughout the day especially if you are always very busy eating regularly, such delicacy can save your stomach.

Though everyone loves the Nigerian bean cake popularly known as Akara, the making process has always been with the professional hands known in making it for commercial purposes. Making and selling Akara is a full-time work of some people and such made them become professional in it.

After consuming Akara made by a professional hand and you start thinking of how you can make such at home for your family consumption or the seller in your street has relocated and you couldn’t find a place to buy your favorite Akara, then you are left with no option than to opt for preparing the Akara at home.

Well, your decision to try is not bad but bear in mind that you can’t just become a professional in one day’s preparation of the Akara rather it will take you some time to achieve such perfection.

If you have made up your mind to prepare the bean cake, here are things you will need:

  • Blender
  • Bow
  • Hand Mixer



Ingredients 15 balls of Akara

  • 2 cups of bean powder
  • One red Onion
  • Half spoon of ground Pepper
  • One liter of Vegetable oil
  • Deep Flying pan




If you are using Bean powder measure two cups. If you are using beans seeds measure two cups and grind them to powder.

Slice one red onion and blend it with a blender. Add your pepper to it if you are using fresh pepper.


Make a paste with the bean powder by pouring it into a bowl and add a moderate amount of water.

Add the ground onions and pepper to the bean powder paste and stir together until it is properly mixed.



Add a suitable amount of salt. You may add anything extra if you want.

Place your deep-flying Pan on the stove, allow it to dry. Then pour the vegetable oil into it.

When the oil gets hot but not too hot. Use a deep spoon to scoop the bean powder paste on the bowl into the deep frying pan. Do this to as many Akara balls as possible for the deep frying pan to contain.




Turn the sides of the Akara balls after about two minutes while in the frying pan. This allows the Akara balls to be cooked evenly.

Once the color has turned to dark brown, use folk or porous spoon to scoop it out from the frying pan and prepare it for consumption.


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