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Graduating from school is an amazing experience that opens up to the next phase, which is getting a job and settling down. Currently, getting this job is not an easy adventure and many things might because like not be qualified for the position or probably don’t know anyone that could help you.

But the mistake we do make is not adequately preparing for a job application letter which is your selling document that’s meant to show your skills, achievements, goals, aspirations in line with the company you’re applying to and also project you as a professional in your field of study.

How then do you prepare your job application letter?

There are some key elements you’re meant to include in your letter and that’s what the company wants to know about you.

1. Clearly Show Your Skills And Abilities

Understand that your application letter is a great chance of selling yourself as the perfect candidate for the position. List your skills and use the opportunity to talk about how you applied your skills in solving problems for your employer.

2. Stay Concise

It’s always tempting for you to include detailed information about yourself. But remember to stay concise and include those things that are relevant to the job you’re applying to. Let everything be between 1 to 2 pages, so that the HR will read and not dump it aside. Make it appealing and more manageable to read.

3. Proofread Your Letter

Being your first opportunity for you to impress the Human Resource Manager then make sure it’s void of any spelling or grammatical errors. Take your time to proofread it or better still give it to someone to proofread for you.

4. Review The Job Listing Keywords

Review the job again to be sure you included the needed abilities and skills wanted by the Human Resource Manager in your letter. Because including them will help put you in a better position to get the job over other applicants.

5. Send Your Letter For Every Position To Which You Apply

Except for a company categorically stated that you should not send in an application letter for the job they are advertising. Then nothing stops you from sending in your letter to any company that advertised their job both offline and online. Because the letter will give them the chance to get to know you more even before seeing you in person.

Moreover, understand that sending in your letter doesn’t guarantee that you have gotten the job. But you need to prepare adequately to answer any question intelligently and smartly, which they will throw at you during the interview stage.

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