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Sometimes you may not like your hair braids to be just the way it is made, this is very common when the braids are just too many. While unpacked braids offer beauty to anyone, sometimes, packing the braids provides more beauty and reveals the true shape of your face.

Besides the above reasons, packing of braids could be to remove obstructions on the face caused by the free braids crossing to the front side/face section. It could be to give your face a different look.

In other words, hair braids offer you the opportunity of getting new looks every day simply by packing them in different styles on daily bases. Therefore, learning the skill of packing your hair braids is something you will find useful every day.

There are numerous ways you can pack your braids and each of those ways has a unique method of braids arrangements. The way the braids are arranged is what really makes a difference in the looks and hairstyles.

Since we have numerous hairstyles we can make by simply packing hair braids, this post will not be able to discuss all of them. However, we shall discuss just a few hairstyles you can make by packing your hair braids.

Here are a few hairstyles you can make by packing your hair braids:


To make a simple unique look by packing your braids upwards which is one of the popular hair braids packing styles here are procedures to do that;

Select a large number of braids at the centre of your front hair and use a rubber band to hold the roots together.


Carefully roll them around each other until the tails meet the top of the ball formed. Use hair pins to clip the tails to the ball shape formed by the packed braids.

Here is the look you will get from this type of hairstyle through the packing of braids.





The next Hair braids packing style is for those that just want the braids to stay away from their face such that it does not cover their ear and other side attractions on their face. the procedure is simple as the first one and you will need more hairpins in this one.

Using the first method mentioned, pack a large number of braids at the top of your head and hold them together with a rubber band. Divide the packed braids into two-equal parts and allow them to be sideways of your head.

Carefully roll the side braids around with the remaining braids on the sides to form around thread of braids downwards. Repeat the same thing on the other side.

Afterwards, use hairpins to hold the tail of the braids to the hidden section/parts of the hairstyle.

Here is the look this new hairstyle through braids packing can give you.






If you don’t want any of the above styles and probably wants something different that can give extra look. You can try this style.

Gather braids on the front section of your head starting from the right ear down to the left ear and use it to form rolled or threaded braids down to the left side of your face.

Use hairpins to hold areas you feel could be unstable when you are in motion.

 Afterwards, gather the remaining hair braids and use them to form rolled/threaded braids downwards.

Once you have finished making the two threads of braids, bring the one you made from the remaining hair braids at the back section of the head to your right shoulder and bring out the ones you made using front braids to the left shoulder. The above picture is the look this style of braid packing could give you.




Let us assume want to make a complete packing of all the hair braids and make them be compacted around each other just to get a unique and simplified look. Then you need to go the extra mile to achieve it.

From the last style discussed, you will need to pack both sides of braids threads positioned sideways by dividing the back braids thread into two to form small threads of braids.

Now you have three threads of braids or in other words, three bunch or log of braids or braids packed in three sections.

Use the two back threads of braids to form another bigger thread by tieing them against each other and use the side thread of the braid to form a roundup on the back ones and clip the hair tails at the centre of the head braids.

Here is the back look for this style.

Here is the front look for this hairstyle.


From the above samples, you can see that the packing of hair braids can give you new looks from time to time. Learning how to do it yourself can become a big bonus that can make you decide how you look every day before leaving your house.


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