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How To Own A Petrol Station In Nigeria

Petrol station Business

In the true sense of the word, owning a petroleum station is a very profitable business and investment with a lot of high risks, you have to possess a startup Capital of not less than fifty-five million naira (rough estimate), this is for a large scale petrol station. You can still use about 3 million to 5 million for a mid size scaled petroleum station, snd where it is low scale you should budget about 500,000 Naira to 1,000,000 Naira for the business. This is also very dependent on your accessibility to substances and bargaining power as well.

Petroleum, additionally called crude oil or oil, is a yellowish-black liquid discovered in geological formations below the Earth’s surface. It is generally and delicately divided into diverse forms of fuel. Components of petroleum are separated by the use of a method known as fractional distillation, i.e., the separation of a liquid aggregate into fractions by way of distillation.

Petroleum is a highly demanded product in Nigeria, used by families, industries and a lot of other sectors that I am certain that you are aware of. It includes clearly occurring hydrocarbons of diverse molecular weights and might comprise miscellaneous natural compounds. The term “petroleum” covers both clearly occurring unprocessed crude oil and petroleum merchandise, which can be made from unprocessed crude oil. petroleum is fashioned viz large portions of lifeless organisms, generally zooplankton and algae, being buried below sedimentary rock and subjected to severe warmth and pressure.

Petroleum has generally been recovered by means of oil drilling. Drilling is finished after research in structural geology, sedimentary basin analysis, and reservoir characterization. Recent trends in technology have additionally caused the exploitation of different unconventional reserves, such as oil sands and oil shale. Once extracted, oil is delicate and still very much valuable, in fact it’s value increases after being extracted, most effortlessly by means of distillation, into several merchandise for direct use or use in production, along with gasoline (petrol), diesel, and kerosene for asphalt and chemical reagents used to make plastics, insecticides, and pharmaceuticals. Petroleum is utilized in the production of an extensive range of substances, and it’s anticipated that the sector consumes approximately one hundred million barrels every day. Petroleum manufacturing may be extraordinarily worthwhile and became vital for monetary improvement in the twentieth century, with a few countries, so-called “oil states,” gaining great monetary and global renown due to their control of oilfields .

Petrol station Business
Petrol station Business

Petroleum exploitation has great environmental and social effects. Most significantly, the extraction, refining, and burning of petroleum fuels all release large portions of greenhouse gases, so petroleum is one of the major pollutant sources. Other bad environmental outcomes consist of the environmental influences of exploration and exploitation of petroleum reserves, oil spills, and air and water pollutants in the processes of extraction, distillation/refinement to the finished process of transporting the goods to the final users and their utilization subsequently. All of those environmental influences have direct effects on planet earth. Furthermore, oil has been a source of conflict for both state-led wars and other types of conflicts, This is anticipated to have great monetary influences that the parties argue on and want to take possession of the property housing the petroleum product, an example of this is the Cameroon Nigerian feud over the Bakassi Peninsula where Pres. Obasanjo Olusegun rescinded the land to the Cameroonians.

Petrol station Business
Petrol station Business

The chemical shape of petroleum is heterogeneous, composed of hydrocarbon chains of various lengths. Because of this, petroleum can be taken to grease refineries and the hydrocarbon chemical compounds separated by means of distillation and refined by means of different chemical processes for use for a whole lot of purposes.

A filling station, additionally called a petrol station or a fuel line station is a facility that sells gasoline and engine lubricants for motor vehicles. The most common fuels bought have been petrol and diesel followed by kerosene.

Many filling stations offer comfort stores, which can also promote confections, alcoholic beverages, tobacco merchandise, lottery tickets, tender drinks, snacks, coffee, newspapers, magazines, and, in a few cases, a small choice of grocery items along with milk. Some additionally promote propane or butane and feature small stores for their number one business sources who are also known as customers to be more comfortable whilst buying fuel or to facilitate their quick stops from home. Conversely, a few chain stores, along with supermarkets, bargain stores, warehouse clubs, or conventional comfort stores, have fueling stations righ on the premises.

Petrol station Business
Petrol station Business

We have made it smooth and compiled the subsequent steps to reveal to you a way to personally own a petroleum station in Nigeria:

Create for yourself a Business Plan:

It is vital and also important that one comes to a decision on the sort of oil marketer he desires to be. This  is due to the fact that doing this at a very early level is like mapping out a marketing strategy so that it will comprise diverse information and techniques to be acted upon by the business man or woman who is interested in owning the petrol station. In Nigeria today, there are two forms of entrepreneurs; serious and unserious entrepreneurs.


As a petroleum marketer, you may want to register your company with the Nigerian corporate affairs commission as well as any other associations that your field may require.

Licensing could be very essential. It is vital to sign up and comply with all expert practice.

Begin the Building Process by also choosing a great location:

After choosing a nice place where yourpetrol station will be based, the next step to follow is to start building the edifice for use as the filling station. The first step right here is to perform a feasibility study as to the vicinity of the filling station as this might assist in the decision-making of the location of the station. It is also very convenient that the filling station is located near a main street, making it easy for motorists to gain access to the station. It could be of additional benefit if the building is near a motor park, an essential marketplace, or any enormous vicinity in an effort to appeal to more patronisers.

Tank placement:

it’s not you as per the business owner that would be placing the tank, the underground garage tank could be sunk. The tanks could comprise diesel, petrol, and kerosene, respectively. There are tanks of various measurements, but it’s really wise that a tank of 45,000 or 60,000 liters is sunk for a large scale petroleum business and lesser for smaller scaled ones.

Offer customer services:

The bulk of the growth and development work can also be be carried out by how you take care of your customers, but it commonly is not that easy, Teach your workers to smile and be more polite to customers often regardless of whether or not they make a purchase, this usually does a lot of wonders trust me. 


Once all of those are obtained, the simplest and also essential component left to be taken care of is the workforce of the filling station, and that’s as much as the proprietor needs, because he needs to only employ the ones he needs. Usually, the maximum workforce wanted right here should comprise of attendants (to every pump), a guard, a supervisor, a cashier, and a manager.

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