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Fear is a normal but unpleasant emotion caused by real or imaginary danger or threat. Most times, it’s a reaction that warns our bodies to be careful of our next actions. Anxiety a type of fear is an unpleasant condition of mental nervousness and concern for the future, instead of the present event.

When you allow fear and anxiety to become a pattern, they will cause harm to your physical and mental stability in your life. When you’re physically and mentally unstable your productivity will drop and failure sets in. We are confronted with one fear or the other on daily basis but what defines greatness are the fears we overcome. If you want to enjoy a happy and productive life then you must learn how to overcome fear and anxiety.

Let’s consider those tips that will help you overcome fear and anxiety in your life;

1. Face Your Fears

Whatsoever your fears are facing them is a courageous step to overcoming them. Because when you avoid them you’re only building a stronghold for them in your life. Whatever your fear is, facing it, will make it to starting fading away. If you panicked one day addressing an audience, for example, it’s best to get back into public speaking the next day.

Learn about your fear, the triggers and face them. You can’t overcome a fear that remains hidden in your subconscious. Because turning towards your fear, will help you learn things about it that you didn’t know. Learning all about your fear gives you insight and knowledge of how to counter it.

2. Don’t Keep Quiet

Talking about it is better than keeping quiet. Sharing fears takes away a lot of its perplexities and help could be accessed. Talk about it with your partner, friend, or a member of your family, or book a session with a counselor. Don’t forget this, fear thrives in silence and secrecy.

3. Take a Break

It’s difficult to think clearly and properly when you’re confronted with fear or anxiety. So, the perfect thing you can do is take time to physically calm yourself down. Find something to distract yourself that can ease the tension. Changing your course of action, walking around, calling a friend, making a meal, or having a bath can help distract you from the worry.

4. Breathe Through Panic

You must understand that breathing is more important than you can imagine. Most times, anxiety starts with short breaths. The short breaths will then transform into some negative reactions in your body which may result in an anxiety attack. Controlling your breath is the key to overcome these fast outbreaks of anxiety.

Moreover, deep breathing is not difficult. The moment you notice that fear is taking a grip over you, relax and monitor your breathing. Then slowly breath in, and breathe out. It’s important to ensure you’re inhaling is shorter than your exhale. Your body is forced to physically calm itself when you deep breathe.

5. Positive Imagination

Imagination powers your creativity, and the ability for you to think outside the box. Purposefully use your imagination to overcome your fear instead of letting it push you down the dark corridors of fear.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself handling the situation peacefully. Most times, you will figure out that the ordeal is not as bad as you exaggerated it before. The peace you experience in your imagination can be a source of strength in overcoming any event, peacefully.

6. Brain Manipulation

Fear and anxiety arising out of a certain part of the brain, by allowing emotion to overcome rational thinking. When you feel you’re about to have a fear or anxiety attack, try to use your brain differently. Stop and analyze the situation on a scale of 1 – 10 for your fear or anxiety. Where 1 is the best scenario while 10 is the very worst scenario. By doing this rating forces your brain not to panic into fear but to back-step into rational thinking. This will allow you to see things clearly and increase the chances of neutralizing the fear.

7. Engage in Everyday Activities

Many people embrace alcohol or drugs to self-treat anxiety, but they end up making matter worse. Simply engaging in everyday activities like a good night’s sleep, a wholesome meal, and a walk are often the best cures for anxiety. Go out for a walk in parks, backyards, where you feel nature and take fresh air, it will help subside the symptoms.

Nature helps calm people down. It reduces stress levels and can change your mood from anxious to relaxed. In addition, engage yourself by taking a walk or even jog, this will help you use your brains differently, which can cause a switch from irrational fearful thoughts to clearer thinking that can help overcome fear and anxiety.

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