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How to organically increase your Facebook audience

Facebook needs content creators who know how to create content that compels the audience to engage with it. Why? Because every time you post content, be it a video or even an external link to your blog post, Facebook is always tracking all the user actions that engage with it, to be able to sell the data to advertisers.

When a Facebook user engages with a 3-minute comedy video, Facebook learns something about their interest because they’ve taken action on that content already. Now guess what? Facebook will keep sending or suggesting comedy videos to them. Likewise, if your Facebook contents (posts, videos etc.) are engaging, it will attract more organic visibility and audience.

You should understand that Facebook is motivated to share your organic content so they will identify who will take action on the content to be able to drive ads to those people later.

Let’s consider the ways that will help you find your perfect audience, message, and content mix for your Facebook page.

1. Target the Right Audience to Your Page

You need to make sure you’re targeting the right niche on Facebook. Help Facebook deliver the right audience to your page. You want to have what it takes to reach more than a million people in that niche. However, understand that it doesn’t mean you’ll reach a million people; it means there’s a pool of a million people in your space. Of course, if you’re a local business, and your pool size can be smaller than that. Be specific on the purpose for your page and contents. It is easier for Facebook to identify your audience when you’re niche specific and stand for something in particular.

Facebook Audience Insights is a powerful tool that helps you with audience data analysis. It will give you access to audience data on all the pages and interest groups on Facebook. You will be able to see their activity levels, the pages they’re following, the devices they use, and so on. Anyone who has a Facebook page can access this very data.

2. Craft the Right Message for Your Page

The next step is to start crafting the right message for your Facebook page. You need to understand that this message isn’t about your business and products, it’s about who your audience is or should be. Anytime your content identify with your audience, naturally, they’ll want to share the content.

See the message on your page as something your audience would like the world to know about them. Your content should come from the view point of the audience. The audience should your message like the favorite t-shirt they love to wear or identify with it just like football fans. That’s the same message that will resonate with your audience and get more reach on Facebook.

Your audience is fully aware that everything they’re saying and liking on Facebook is public and their family and friends will see what they’re interacting with on the platform. So, they will love to say things on Facebook that make them look good and have an impact on others.

Anytime you post content on your page, your page is “wearing” the information that your audience wants the world to know about them. Meaning the message you give out isn’t your elevator pitch—it’s what your audience wants their elevator pitch to be.

3: In the Beginning

You have the right message and audience, the next thing is your content. You need to craft content that will be sending different signals that Facebook will examine as something relevant. Engage your audience with your first few posts. Publish at least four posts to engage your page audience

Interactions like liking a post, giving it a smiley face or even heart, or dropping a short comment are considered micro-signals. Different content can help you elicit micro-signals that your content is what people are interested in.

Meaning you need to create content that compels your audience to engage in different ways. Using an “engagement stack” of videos, photos, and conversation starters, you will be able to get all those valuable signals from your content to enable Facebook to start driving more traffic to your page. Share, save and comment are of higher signal quality than likes. Therefore, you need 10 likes or more to equal the benefit of a share, save, or even longer comment.

To encourage more likes on your posts, you need to get more micro-reactions from memes and photos than video. In addition, behind-the-scenes content, quotes, and takeaways tend to attract a thumbs up, heart, or even smiley face.

For example, let’s assume your content is wearing your page’s message of “Save our world, go green” guess what, someone who is a climate change enthusiast will give it a like, this sends a signal to Facebook that your content and page are very relevant to that person.

4. After Engagement Comes Sells

Once you get lots of engagement from your content, an audience that knows, likes, and also trusts you and is waiting patiently for you to sell. At this point your audience look forward to your content, so your fifth post may be about your offer.

Previously, you have allowed your audience to talk, now they are open to hearing about your offer. It is easier to buy from someone you trust than a total stranger. This also applies when you want to monetize your Facebook page. It’s like going to a party and asking a lady about herself and she reciprocates with, “Tell me about you.” This is what the post is. This is a proven social media strategy for business growth.

You need to understand that your offer doesn’t necessarily have to be a product you sell. It could be for them to get on your email list, subscribe to a YouTube channel, or even enroll for your online course. Whatever it is, try as much as possible to give your audience an action to take.

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