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Many content writers become unnecessarily preoccupied with the competition, the moment they get an idea for a content project:

“It will be very difficult for me to stand out.”

If this sounds familiar, then my hope is you’ll change your mind by the time you get to the end of this article.

Let’s start this way, think of the last time you heard a song you loved, and you didn’t even know the name of the artiste. You ended up asking this question …

Who is this Artiste?

It could be a song that you heard sitting inside a taxi or one listened to during your visit to your friend’s place.

The joy you got from listening to the songs becomes your mission, which is:

Find who the artiste is.

And once you get to know who he/she is, you will move ahead to research more:

The album the song is on
Where the artiste is from
How many songs has the artiste released

And this will lead you to:

Listen to more songs by the artist and thereby coming the artiste’s fan
Follow the artiste on social media platforms
Looking forward to attending the artiste’s musical shows

You can apply this same idea to your content, and you’ll see this same curiosity in the best taglines.

So, that the first time someone reads your content, they will feel curious to know you.

And they should be able to ask …

Who is the Creator of this?

Your aim is to make someone curious about:

• Who you are

• And how you can help them

Understand that generic content doesn’t stimulate curiosity in your readers or audience.

But before uncovering and harnessing the qualities that make you special, first, start with something.

From the example above, you have to understand that the artist had already done other works for you to explore. They were in their closet putting in the time, experimenting, failing, and trying again and again… long even before hearing of him/her.

One thing they did is that they kept building the body of their work, making it possible for them to offer you more once you finally discovered them.

Build the Body of Your Work

Understand that the work you do in your closet that one sees is never a waste.

Although you might be more reserved about what you tell or give out when you started, that early content will still be an important part of your evolution.

The moment you get more comfortable publishing, you’ll be able to learn to add the details that will form connections with your readers.

View Competition by Stimulating Curiosity

Jerry Seinfeld, a comedian said, “If every comedian in the world quits tomorrow, I’m not any funnier.”

This means if every other content writer in your niche decides to quit tomorrow. It doesn’t in any way means that automatically you’re going to win more clients and customers to yourself.

This means that competition should make you dig deep to know how to succeed and stand out in the competition.

When you fail to give the right kind of value to prospective clients you aim to attract. This means that the above scenario doesn’t give you an advantage at all.

As a content writer keep this in mind to:

a. Overcome any hesitation to start

b. Commit yourself fully to your content project

c. Create the kind of work that will continually make people curious about you

d. There are limitless ways to achieve anything and there’s always a new opportunity every time you publish to magnet someone to your content.

Take this final advice that your recent content should be your only competition. This means that your recent content should be better than the one you wrote last.

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