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How To Make Your Class Fun As A Teacher

How To Make Your Class Fun As A Teacher

Boring classes sucks. Raise your hand if you agree with me. So you are in a class and teacher keeps rambling on. You are supposed to learning things, yes you know, the teacher is talking and also yes, you know that too. But all you see is his mouth move through blurry sights, heavy sleepy eyes, damn, you are bored to death. Don’t you want to get out of there as soon as possible? You should know how to make your class fun as a teacher!

We all have been there, nobody loves a boring class. I believe learning should be fun and exciting, I believe school should be a place where students look forward to going, a fun filled place to enjoy ourselves as we learn.

The reverse is the case with most schools now where the major emphasis is on discipline. Agreed, discipline is one thing we cannot afford to ignore. But there is a wide margin between discipline and point blank boredom Teachers fail to grasp this. You can both be disciplined and lively. Being disciplined doesn’t stop you being a fantastic teacher.

This post is focused on how you can make your class fun as a teacher as you pass on information to these youngsters. Of course this is concerning most importantly teachers but these are tips you might learn too even if you are not. And besides everyone teaches somebody, so yeah we all are kind of like teachers.

And to teachers, because you didn’t enjoy fun classes doesn’t mean you should give boring classes. Your students should love you, not cringe and shudder when you approach. You are not the Bogeyman.

You Are A Teacher!

Surely you are a teacher and you know exactly what you are doing. I didn’t write this to teach you how to teach, you know how, what you don’t know (and I might even be wrong) is how to run an exciting class. Like a pastor, you know what the scriptures say but why half of your congregation sleep when you preach is….

I am sorry to tell you this….


Not to worry, this can be fixed. That’s why you are here right?

1. Admit You Are Boring

The first step to every recovery is to admit the problem. If you admit that you are not quite fun like you should be then you will be willing to fix yourself. Forget all those sentimental theories, you are never too old to be fun and exciting. It’s even better when you are older. Your students will appreciate your free hand and they would warm up better to you.

2. Be Optimistic

When you see life as an open book and that the future holds something better for us, you will have a positive outlook for life. Your positivity will radiate like an energy to the youngsters. They will buzz with the same mood you carry yourself with. This is the plain truth, those youngsters are learning machines, they are mirrors, they will mirror what you do. If you buzz, they will buzz. If you are sulk, they will sulk.

3. Be A Jester

You can’t skip this step if you really want to know how to make your class fun as a teacher. So how do you make them laugh? Look into their world, what are those things that make you laugh? Remember you are a mirror to your students, if it makes you laugh, it would make them laugh too.There are several ways of making your class laugh


A teacher with her student

A. Re-tell Jokes You’ve Heard

Yes. This works but try to make sure it’s a “fresh” one. If they haven’t heard it before it would be funnier.

B. Call Someone Names

I have a series of very funny names I call my students just to calm nerves. It doesn’t have to mean anything, it only have to have a nice ring and be catchy such that the class never forgets.

When i was in primary school (that grade school for America) our teacher use to call anybody not concentrating  “Oluftungbon”. Don’t ask me I don’t know what it means but it has a nice ring to it. Yes you guessed right, I call my students Oluftungbon now. 😂

C. Use Funny Expressions

You should have an expression that is unique to you and which your students can reflect on. You must use the expression to address the same issue so they know when you are joking.

I know one of my teachers who will always say “Sorry about that” to every thing you say. And I know one that will always say “it’s love”

My own expression is “Are you drinking bush?”. It always works wonders.

4. Look Out For Signs

The main purpose for a school or teaching is to get knowledge, as a teacher that is your first priority. All cannot be all rose and fun, you will end up with students who adore you but yet empty headed. You want to achieve both admiration and outstanding excellence so both should learning and catching our fun should be done.

A good teacher however must know when to switch from one to the other. How do you do this, watch out for the signs.

On the average students concentrate for only about thirty minutes of your period. After that they drift away, get bored or start losing concentration. This will be a problem if you are on a two hour class period.

When they start to get bored, they will start to show signs like side talking, looking away, trying to use their phones, yawning, putting their head on the table or desk.

This is the time you should switch to your fun mode. Put aside the knowledge and tell them something interesting. Sometimes the knowledge is quiet interesting, if that’s the case, that’s brilliant.

5. Enjoy Yourself

If you don’t enjoy your job, it’s hard for you to run exciting classes. A good teacher should love teaching and enjoy himself doing it.

Now We Know

Now you know how to make your class fun as a teacher. Stop being the bore, add some excitement to your life. Life is too short to be gloomy all the time.









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