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How To Make Thick & Smooth Oatmeal (Like A Custard)

How To Make Thick & Smooth Oatmeal (Like A Custard)


Quaker Oats is not a new food so don’t be surprise if you are just hearing it for the first time. Though not a common name to some families within Nigeria either because it is assumed to be a rich peoples’ food or because the value of the food is not well-known. Perhaps, the preparation could be another reason.

Though oatmeal do not cost much as compared to other foods that can be served for breakfast it obviously has low patronage in Nigeria. Little observations show that most countries outside Africa consume oatmeal than Nigeria.

However, the oatmeal health benefits can be very helpful to most Nigerians who need to maintain their weight and fat level. Oat meal is known for low fat, low calories, with good amount of other vital nutrients that the body needs.

Consuming oatmeal daily could be a good way of keeping your shape in order. Other benefits include low risk of high-blood pressure, cancer, and heart disease. Beside the above benefits, eating oat meals can help to resolve any digestion problem. Regular consumption can help to maintain flat tummy and improve the digestion of foods in the stomach.

With all the well-known advantages of consuming oatmeal, someone may possibly avoid eating quaker oats simply because of the inability to prepare it. If you are among the people who find it difficult to eat oatmeal regularly because you don’t know how to prepare the food  then this post will be a special one for you.

I will be giving out step to step approach in making a Quaker oat meal right in your kitchen. In case you don’t understand any of the steps, you can use a comment section for better explanation.


Here are simple steps in making your own oatmeal at home:


Measure out the actual quantity of the Quaker oat and measure out twice of the quantity in water volume.

Place your small pot or metallic plate on a stove with a moderate heat and add the water quantity you measured earlier.


Pour the Quaker oat into the pot and allow it to soak the water and stop floating on the water surface.

As the water gets hot, the oats will start dissolving inside water thereby reducing the water quantity. You need to pay appropriate attention at this stage and start stirring the oat to ensure it does not stick beneath the pot.

The process (stirring) will continue until everything become a paste with the oats solids completely dissolved and formed a homogenous paste with the water in the pot.

A well prepared oatmeal will be thick and slippery. The thickness could be like that of custard. Light or less thick oatmeal could mean you added too much water.

The too much appearance of tiny solid oats in the oatmeal could mean you did not provide enough water and time for the oats to dissolve. It needs to steam with the water in the pot while you turn it with a big spoon to prevent some oats sticking at the base of the pot.

At this stage, empty the oatmeal into a plate, add sugar, powdered milk, and any other ingredients you intend to use in eating the oat meal.  This type can go well with buttered slices of bread as a breakfast.

You can still prepare the type of oatmeal mentioned above and eat it with red oil beans as lunch.

You can as well eat oatmeal as a stand-alone meal by adding slices of fruits such as cucumber, watermelon, pineapple, berries, and/or apples, etc. this type can be very nice for dinner or breakfast.

Oatmeal is very easy to prepare and it realms with many other foods as a support. You can use this post to give it a trial.

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