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store the grinded soya beans inside a container & keep in a cool dry place


The use of Soya beans beans powder has become a norm in our society for child feeding especially mixing it with pap or custard. Most parents prefer two to three spoonful of soya beanbeans powder to their children daily meal. The adult are not left out, some adult consume soya beans on daily basis. However, despite the high consumption of soya beans, only few knows how the soya beanbeans powder is being made.

Soya beanbeans powder is a product of grinded seeds of soya beans. A high source of protein beans with lots of other nutrition suitable for both children and adults.

Some questions have been how this soya beanbeans powder are made. This question is what this post will address.

There are simple soya beans powders which is may with only the soya beans seeds by grinding the seeds and there are mixed soya beans powders that are mixed with other nutritious foods such as unripe plantain and groundnuts, difference may be the making process.

We will be discussing the making process of the both types of soya beanbeans powder.


baking the soya beans

baking the soya beans


This type of soya beans is mostly for children consumption because it focused on providing high volume of protein to the children. The preparation method of this type is very simple. All you need to do is to follow these steps:

Buy about 5 cups of Soya beans seeds from the food market.

Soak it inside a bowl and leave it to stay overnight.

Peel out the soaked soya beans skin by squeezing it severally inside the bowl with the water in it.

After removing the skin, filter the water out.

Pour the soya bean on a water grater to dry out the remaining water in it.

There is need to sun it if you have access for it otherwise proceed to the next step.

Bring out your baking pan and comment the baking of the dried soya beans.

You have to bake it like groundnut seed until it gets clumsy.

While it is still hot, bring out your high-torque blender or heavy-weight electric blender and start pouring and grinding it stage by stage until the last pour.

If you do not have blender, you can use go to public mills for dry grinding of the dried soya beans.

After the blending in the dry state, the soya beans will become powder and ready to use as the simple soya beanbeans powder.

The next thing is to get a glass container or metallic container to store it.

Ensure you keep the container in a cool and dry place.

Now let us discuss how the mixed soya beans are made:


Grinding the Soya beans

Grinding the Soya beans


The procedure in making the mixed soya beanbeans powder is almost the same with that of the simple soya beanbeans powder except that dried or fried groundnuts and dried unripe plantain are added while grinding.

Follow all the steps mentioned in the simple soya beanbeans powder making and add the following:

Fry groundnut or buy already fried groundnuts and grind it into powder.

Dry your unripe plantain by slicing it into chips and placing it under sun shine or fry it until it gets very dry.

Grind the plantain chips into powder.

Bring the simple soya beanbeans powder you have made earlier, the dried or fried groundnut powder, and the unripe plantain powder together and mix them up.

Then stall the mixed soya beans in a metallic container and keep in a cool dry place.

You can now add the soya beans to your daily meals and that of your children meals for nutritional purposes.

store the grinded soya beans inside a container & keep in a cool dry place

store the grinded soya beans inside a container & keep in a cool dry place




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