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Learning how to make pancakes didn’t take time but it took me time to master how to make pancakes perfectly. Why? The process of making them is very tricky. Not using the right equipment or even overworking the batter might cause you to make flimsy and thick pancakes rather than tender and tall pancakes.

I grew up seeing my mom and older siblings making pancakes, so I learnt from them but the tips I want to share with you are from what I learnt and mastered to make pancakes tender.

Tips on how to make pancakes

1. Get a Large Nonstick Pan

Getting a nonstick frying pan, one that’s resistant to sticking and easy to clean is the first thing you need. Because making tender pancakes is in the art of flipping and that’s what a nonstick pan will help you achieve.

If there’s no nonstick pan, then use any frying pan that has a large surface, that will allow you to flip the pancakes on it. Just that a nonstick pan will ensure an easy flip, but you still need to grease the pan.

This will take us to…

2. Heat Small And Oil Your Pan Slightly

Starting your pancake on an ordinary pan, you’re directly heading for failure. Because pancakes do need quick and small heat to rise well and turn into the perfect brownish colour. So, to get this well, you need small heat and make sure to grease the frying pan with oil or even butter. Well, using butter is better because it brings out the brown rings on the pancakes.

3. Use a Ratio To Make Yours Better

There are a lot of recipes online that prove that you can prepare any food with any ingredient. However, do remember to follow the simple ratio of 1 wet ingredient to 1 dry ingredient…

Wet ingredients you use include:

• Eggs

• Milk

• Butter or even yogurt

• Cream

The dry ingredients include the following:

• White flour

• Any baking powder

• Small quantity of salt

• Species.

Always remember that for one cup of white flour, use 2 teaspoons of any baking powder for your pancakes to properly rise very well.

“You can use these suggestions to whip up your own recipe:”

• 2 cups flour

• 1 egg

• 1 teaspoon salt

• 1 1/2 cups milk

• 1 1/2 tablespoons baking powder

• 1/4 cup melted butter

With this, you will able to get seven pancakes.

4. Make Sure Not To Overbeat The Batter

You have to know that a good batter must look lumpy with a good “chess cottage.” Overbeating the batter will tougher and flatter the pancakes very well. You will then gently mix the ingredients to a point you can’t see the flour anymore.

5. Cook To The Point That The Bubbles Start To Form

Put each pancake into the preheated pan with a deep-bowled spoon. Let’s assume you don’t have that kind of spoon, then use your anything or even pour directly if you feel comfortable.

Wait for one to three minutes before bubbles start to form, making it read to flip.

6. Before You Flip Add Toppings

Before flipping adds toppings like fruit, chocolate, or even nuts, this will result in the best results.

7. Flip And Allow It Cook For Another Minute

Once the pancake is ready, just gently use your long kitchen spoon to turn the pancake to support it filly when you lift. Doing this will help avoid any of them from breaking.

Understand that you shouldn’t spend your time thinking about how to flip, do it, and if you mess to mess, there’s no problem because with practice you will get better.

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