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Nigerian puff puff

This post touched the following issues:

  • Description of Nigerian Puff Puff
  • Ingredients for Nigerian puff puff 
  • how to fry puff puff 
  • how to mix puff puff ingredients 
  • how to proof yeast for puff puff 
  • precautions when preparing the dough for puff puff
  • difference between Nigerian Puff Puff and Nigerian Buns  


Description of Nigerian Puff Puff

Puff Puff is not eaten only in Nigeria. It is a popular snack prepared in different countries but has different names and different preparation methods. Nigerian Puff Puff is a popular snack food made from deep-fried dough. It has a similar look with Nigerian buns but quite different in terms of preparation, taste, and internal looks. Nigerian Puff Puff is completely a yeast dough shaped into balls and deep-fried to its dark brown color. The outside physical appearance of Nigerian Puff puff may be mistaken to be a Nigerian buns but the last lacks the stretchy texture of puff puff. It also lacks the oily and fluffier features of puff puff. Nigerian Puff puff is a simple food prepared with low-cost ingredients but provides satisfactory taste when served with cold drinks.

Puff Puff and buns go together in any snacks shop around and at the same price. 

While some people may not like the bready feature of buns, they may like the oily and stretchy features of puff puff. It is a choice for everyone especially during hot afternoons if you have any cold drinks around. Puff puff when fried in small sizes could serve as a welcome presence to children who visit your house. It is very affordable, tasty, and acceptable by most people. Puff puff can also  serve as part of foods shared on an occasion in addition to drinks, such snacks can help to make the occasion look rich at least everyone in attendance will have something to chew.


Nigerian puff puff

Nigerian puff puff



Preparation of Nigerian Puff Puff

 To make your puff puff get the following ingredients available in your kitchen:

Making the Dough for Agege Bread

All purpose flour, yeast, nutmeg, salt, sugar(powder), vegetable oil.

Assuming you want to make about 12balls of puff puff, here is the procedure:

Mix 2 cups of all purpose flour with one and half cup of water, 1 teaspoon of nutmeg, and one-quarter cup of sugar. Mix very well in its dry state until everything becomes homogeneous. 

You will need to proof the yeast, this is mandatory in any type of puff puff you want to make. 

To proof the yeast, add a teaspoon of sugar and the yeast in a half cup of warm water and cover the cup. Allow the yeast in the cup to proof for about 4minutes to 6minutes.

Now the yeast is proofed, add the yeast into the dry flour mixture and add about one cup of water and stir until everything becomes lump-free thereby having a stretchy-soft batter.

Cover the batter for about one hour interval to allow it to rise, afterwards, it will display a distinct sweet smell, this indicates that the dough is ready for frying.

Place your deep-shallow frying pan on the burner, add the vegetable oil (about ½ liter)  and heat the oil until it becomes hot before frying otherwise the puff puff will soak the oil..

Use your big spoon to scoop a little portion of the dough and drop into the hot oil, if the dough did not scatter instead it started forming a round shape, go ahead and scoop the remaining portions of the dough into the frying.

Wash the frying process so you do not get the puff puff burnt. Turn the sides of the puff puff after some time while inside the frying pan.

Frying Nigerian Puff Puff

Frying Nigerian Puff Puff

Once the whole parts have got an even cook. Bring out one and break it to see the inside. If the inside is cooked an oily-gentle-stretchy cooked dough will be showing inside.

At this stage, your puff puff is ready. Bring all of it out from the frying pan and place them on a flat plat and allow it to cool a little before consuming it.


Here is the summary of the preparatory method

Prepare the batter by mixing all the dry ingredients and then mix with the wet ingredients.

Proof your yeast if you are using active yeast but if you are using instant yeast you can forget about proofing it. During the proofing, allow the yeast and sugar mixture to rise twice or tice its original size in a covered bow or cup.

You will equally need to proof the batter in a warm place by allowing it for about an hour or less just to rise twice or thrice of its initial size. 

When doing the preparation, it is important to do these things to ensure proper result:

The batter should be mixed properly in order to get uniformly-formed gluten from the puff puff.

Use frying pan with deep height and add enough oil that could enable the puff puff to float on the oil while frying. This method will help to get rounded puff puff after frying.

Giving the batter lengthy time to rest in a warm location and rise to its maximum makes the batter to turn spongy which will help to make good puff puff.



In case you want to know the difference3 between Nigerian buns and Nigerian puff puff this section will try to give you clear difference between the two. 

It is not a thing of surprise to see people mistaking buns to be puff puff or mistaking puff puff to be buns. The truth is that what many people care about is the most satisfactory among the two not really the difference while others truly want to know the difference so that selecting the right one in snacks shops wouldn’t be a problem. If you are in this category then you need to read down to grab all the details you need.

Next time you want to buy either puff puff or buns but don’t know how to describe it or recognize the one you want, just do the following:

Take a close look at what you want to buy. Nigerian buns has rough cluster or unsmooth outer surface when looking at it. In some snacks shops, the buns outer skin may have fallen out in small portions of it outer walls. Meanwhile, this is entirely difference with puff puff. Puff Puff has soft and smooth outer skin/cluster. When looking at you wouldn’t see any long cracks on it cluster.

Nigerian puff puff

Nigerian puff puff

Another physical appearance that differentiate the two is that puff puff seems to be more round in shape and look oily than buns which usually comes with uneven roundness and less oily look.

If you have the opportunity to  touch any of them, puff puff is very elastic it returns to its shape after pressing it while buns may break if you press it beyond certain limits, meaning it is less elastic.

If you open the inside, puff puff has soft spongy and oily look while buns has almost a bready look inside with traces of oil.

Nigerian puff puff inside

Nigerian puff puff inside

In terms of weight, buns is more heavier than puff puff and easier to fill your stomach but puff puff seems to be more tasty and easy to chew by everyone including children..


I hope this post actually solved your problem. You can contribute or share your  experience on this topic through the comment section and co-author form.



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