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How to Make Natural Oils


Natural oils you see in supermarkets, stores, and so on, are the oils something you can make by yourself at home? Yes, it can be done by anyone at home. You don’t need any professional skills to be able to make your oils. These oils can be used in their natural state or they can be mixed with other things like hair creams, body creams or soaps. Natural oils have lots of beneficial effects on the skin, hair, and some help to relieve stress.
Some of the importance of natural oils on the skin and hair includes
It boosts the skin texture
It lessens signs of ageing
It loosens up the hair and improves shine
It calms and moisturizes the scalp
It enhances hair growth
You no longer have to visit that store for any natural oil again because you will be able to make yours with little stress and less money.

This article will expose you to various types of natural oils, how they are used and how you can make some of these oils yourself.



Carrot Oil

It is quite funny, right? The carrot which we all eat can also be used to make oil. Carrot oil is a very beneficial oil for the skin and hair.
It prevents hair breakage by strengthening the hair.
It aids the stimulation of hair growth.
It protects the skin from the detrimental effects of sunlight, chemicals and so on.

How to make Carrot Oil
Required Items
Hand grater
A pot
Jar, bottle or any container of your choice
Siever with tiny pores
Note: you can always improvise if you do not have a particular item that is listed above. For example, if you have a veggie peeler, you can use it instead of a knife.
Carrot Oil Ingredient
Coconut or olive oil

Steps to Make Carrot Oil

Wash the carrots very well, then peel the skin.
Use a hand grater to grate the peeled carrots.
Pour either coconut or olive oil into a pot, then apply heat. Note: make sure the heat is very low.
Once the oil is a little bit hot, then put the grated carrot in it.
Stir the carrot together with the oil, keep stirring until the oil changes colour( orange).
Then pour into a sieve to separate the carrot shaft from the oil.
After extracting the oil completely, pour it into the desired container to cool.
Then after cooling, it will be ready for use.
Alternative Method
After washing and peeling the carrots, grate using a hand grater.
Then put the grated carrot in a container, pour either of the oils listed earlier on it and cover.
Note: make sure you pour enough oil to cover the grated carrot.
Place the container somewhere away from sunlight.
Leave it for two weeks but check every two days to shake.
The colour would have changed after two weeks, then sieve to extract the oil.
Then it is ready to be used.

Orange Oil

Orange oil is another natural oil with unique important effects on the skin and hair.
It smoothens the skin.
It makes the skin clear.
It can be used as pain relief.
It reduces or fights acne.
It prevents the hair from turning rough and dull.
It helps to get rid of dandruff.

How to Make Orange Oil
Required Items: container, veggie peeler or knife, and sieve with tiny pores.
Orange Oil Ingredients
Orange peels
Coconut or olive oil

Steps to Make Orange Oil

Peel fresh oranges using a knife or veggie peeler.
Put the peels in a container, then pour enough quantity of either coconut or olive oil into it. Make sure the oil covers it.
Cover it and place it somewhere away from sunlight.
Leave it for a week, but check every two days to shake.
After the colour changes in a week, then pour into a sieve to extract the oil.
Then it is ready for use.

Almond Oil

This is an oil commonly used for cooking at home. Almond oil can also be used to beautify the skin and hair. This oil is very easy to make. Are you tired of always buying almond oil? Then you can just make yours in large quantities at home by following the steps that will be given later.

Almond oil is used to treat acne.
It nourishes the skin.
It enhances the skin complexion.
It gives the hair a soft texture.
It keeps the hair strong and beautiful.

How to Make Almond Oil

Required Items: blender, sieve

Almond Oil Ingredient

2 cups of unroasted almonds
2 teaspoon of olive oil
Note: if you want your almond oil in large quantities then you can increase the number of ingredients you use.

Steps to Make Almond Oil

Get your clean blender and dry almonds ready.
Put the dry almonds in the blender and let them blend slowly at a low speed.
Pause the blender at intervals to check for particles of the almonds that are not blending up. So you put them together.
After putting them together, increase the blender to a high speed.
Keep blending until the almonds are carefully blended, then add the olive oil.
Add the olive oil to your satisfaction to speed up the blending. Make sure the blending goes smoothly.
Pour the blended almonds into a container, then store them in your fridge for 2weeks. This is to allow the oil from the almonds to separate from their meat.
Sieve to extract the almond oil, after which the oil will be ready for use.

Other natural oil includes
Coconut oil
Avocado oil
Rosemary oil
Moringa oil
Rose oil
Sunflower seed oil

Conclusion: Each natural oil has a unique benefit that helps us in our daily lives. This is fun, right? The steps are so easy to practice and I hope you successfully make your natural oil. I hope you find the tips helpful. Do have a fun time making that natural oil you choose.

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