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The first time I saw moringa oil was in my Auntie’s house in Lagos. I was fascinated by the way my Auntie and her children talked so much about this oil. It was in their house I saw how they produced this oil and in that process I learnt how to make the moringa oil.

Before we dive into how to make this oil, let’s talk about its benefits to our health and how we should use it.

Moringa oil is an oil made from the seeds of moringa itself and it’s enriched with plenty of minerals and vitamins.

It’s important to a lot of people in Nigeria and it can be used for many things. It was from my stay in Lagos that I got to know that some people can’t eat some food without using this moringa oil or the leaf in their food.

The moringa oil can be used both for health and skincare products. And you can easily learn how to make this oil without any stress.

Moringa does many things in the body, it helps to advance growth, improves, as well as keeps the maintenance of your hair in good condition. It’s rich in minerals, amino acids, and vitamins from the leaves to the seed and to all the parts of the plant are useful.

Moringa oil is mostly gotten from the seed of moringa oleifera, and that’s the most common type of moringa tree you can find around you easily. Also understand that there are different types of moringa tree.

Advantages Of Moringa Oil

• The oil can used to treat any kind of hair infection (ringworm, dandruff, short hair, etc).

• Also it can serve as a body cream. It’s function is to work as an anti-aging, it prevents pimples and cream rashes on your skin.

• Believe me your body will be glowing if you’re applying it to your body.

The moringa seed, stem, roots, leaf, etc gives a high medicinal value to our body.

Moreover, the leaves can be used for many things like grinding the leaves into powder and use it for tea or even soap and cream like it was discussed above.

How To Make Moringa Oil

The process of making moringa oil can be done by the local method or electrical method. So, any method you want to use it’s okay as long as you know that method very well.

However, in this article we will teaching the local way of making moringa oil.

I. Purchase the seeds or neatly pick the leaves, to remove dirt in it and then thoroughly wash it.

2. Drain the water from the moringa leaves, put them on a tray and put under the sun for it to dry.

3. After the leaves must have dried, pack them and put into a bowl and pour olive or coconut oil into it. (Make sure the oil is over the moringa leaves).

4. Put a little quantity of water in a pot and put on fire for it heat up.

5. Carry the bowl containing the moringa leaves and put it in the pot of water. Allow it heat up with the oil.

6. Then leave it to be cooked for around 20 to 30 minutes. Allow it to boil until the oil is over the leaves.

7. After a while, the color of the oil will start to change and you will see the leaves settling down inside the bowl.

8. Bring the bowl out of the hot water and leave it to cool. Then sieve out the oil and pour it inside another container with a cover.

You see, it’s very easy to make your own moringa oil. Follow these steps and make yours, come back and share the experience with us.

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