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YouTube has become the largest video streaming platform that features millions of viewers daily. There are lots of information in millions of videos on YouTube and many people depend on them for entertainment, and important information.

Making money YouTube is no longer strange information. A lot of YouTube account owners are making a significant amount of money capable of taking care of their needs. If you are aspiring to become part of such people then this post is for you.

People are looking for ways to start earning with YouTube without all the long process of getting a multiple numbers of views and subscribers from channel videos. That had been a major challenge to beginners who wants easier means or existing YouTube account owners looking for ways to actually make good money from YouTube.

The principle in making money with YouTube has not changed ever since it was launched and had been streaming videos. Beginners have little chances of making money from YouTube except if they are able to get up to 1000 subscribers and at least 40,000 views in their last 12months of uploading videos.

The above paragraph implies that there is no shortcut for beginners other than to focus on building subscribers and gather fans for their YouTube channel. With all these clearly explained, let us discuss the available options for YouTube account owner to make money:



YouTube partners have access to special features in YouTube monetization. A content creator in YouTube can join the YouTube partner when the channel qualifies for it. Those in the program will receive a percentage from every paid by the YouTube premium subscribers whenever their content is viewed by the subscriber. This is different from the money received from advertisements through the AdSense account.



Google AdSense had been the major source of earning for most YouTube channels. It offers a reliable and stable source of earning to those with a substantial number of subscribers and views. AdSense for YouTube requires a channel to have at least 1000 subscribers and 40,000 views from the videos uploaded in the last 12months.

Top YouTube channels are pulling lots of money from the AdSense for the short clip adverts attached to the beginning, middle and ending of videos in the channels. The viewer will view the adverts by default and be able to click on them if they are interested in vin the adverts. However, the owner of the channel will receive payment for both the impression from the advert and the clicks as well while watching the videos.



YouTube Premium is a paid version of YouTube where the viewer pays a certain amount of money every month to view YouTube videos meant for premium viewers. The videos are usually free from advert or advert-free in other words.

You can decide to make videos exclusively for the YouTube Premium subscribers. This will make YouTube pay you a substantial percentage of money every month from the money paid by the YouTube premium account subscribers. Popular channels add this method to gain more cash from their YouTube account.




Sponsored content is one way popular YouTube channels are making extra money. The channels make money by receiving payments from companies trying to promote their brands or organizations advertising for their programs.

This aspect of monetization is very common for YouTube channels that have made a name by gaining a significant number of subscribers and receives millions of views from the channel. Interested companies and organizations whose interests relate to what the channel is sharing will be willing to pay for a special featuring of their service to the channel.



Most popular YouTube channels make extra money by promoting or marketing their own product. It could be another person’s product such that a certain percentage of the money goes to the owner of the YouTube channel each sale occur from the channel’s link.

However, promoting your own product is the most common these days. YouTube and AdSense program permits you to promote your own product in a unique way without having any negative effects on other monetization methods on the channel. Remember, the owners of the channel are only looking for ways to make extra cash.

Some channels that specialized in videos that discuss fashion and lifestyle can decide to launch selling of cloths by promoting it through the videos.



Crowdfunding can be very effective for YouTube channels that offer tutorials and coaching videos. With a large number of viewers, channels can allow viewers to opt for special membership of the channel which can allow such people to obtain private chats, private tutorial, one-on-one video conversation, and promotion of the fans products.

The special membership has to subscribe to a specific amount of money that could be recurring every month. This will help to have a stable and recurring amount of money coming from fans in addition to other sources of income.



Another way you can make money from your YouTube channel is to organize an event that will enable the fans to meet you in person. Channels involved in teaching and coaching can be very effective in this method.

Look out for the most frequently asked questions on the channel’s comment section and organize an offline event that will feature the one-on-one coaching for that topic. The event would be free for sure, a certain amount of money has to fix for the ticket you can even make VIP tickets that could sell higher.

Besides the coaching channels, entertainment channels can launch an offline event for fans just to entertain the fans.



You can now see that the YouTube channel can be monetized in different ways. You can decide what you want to do with your YouTube channel to earn extra money from it. However, every monetization strategy centres on the number of fans and views you are getting. This is one reason you need to work on the channel to build a substantial number of subscribers and start gaining a large number of views from each video you upload.





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