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How To Easily Change Your Facebook Name in Any Device


Do you know you can earn tangible money from your Facebook account? Do you know that your Facebook account can become your next work at home option in the future? After reading this post you will understand better and consider being the next work at home Mum, Dad, or Uncle.

Facebook has undoubtedly become the most influential social media on the internet with an average of 1.8 billion users daily. There is currently no other single social media platform with such a number f traffic. People visit Facebook daily for information, news, videos, photos, messages, events, friends’ updates, memes, and lots more.

You can’t imagine how much is out there on the platform if you calculate the average number of users daily. The best way to earn good money from the internet is to look out for places with massive users and traffic and Facebook is just one of such platforms. You can tap into the massive number of users to make your own money.

The good thing about this idea is that it is purely legal. In other words, Facebook actually likes the account owners to make money from their platform. To make it even easier for Facebook users, social media equally launched platforms that can help top users and influencers of Facebook to make money with their content on Facebook.

There is no doubt that Facebook could become the next focus for online monetization due to its increasing number of daily traffic.

Do you know that a good number of Facebook users currently making good money from their account? Though it is not a quick and easy get rich freak rather it has procedures that you need to follow. If you get everything right, you too can join the league of those earning from Facebook.

I will try to make this post as realistic as possible by not including the aspects that can raise some doubt of the possibility rather will drop the details with clear evidence of the money will be made, how much you can make, and how you will get paid.

The reality is that Facebook wants you to earn as much money as possible from their platform but it has to be through legal means, by that I mean it must not violate Facebook terms of services and rules guiding users of the platform. Hence, we will only point out all the legal ways you can use to make your money on Facebook.

Below are the most popular and reliable ways you can be earning good money from your Facebook account:


Facebook ads for content is a monetization program from Facebook that enables owners of pages and personal accounts that share content with their audience to earn from their efforts. The program is meant to reward top pages and personal accounts that consistently share engaging content with their audience.

Though Facebook has rules you must meet before you can submit your page and personal account for review, you can still use this opportunity to read more about the program by clicking HERE after reading this post.

The program will enable you to place an advert on your content e.g.; video at the beginning of the video, the middle and ending sections of the video. So if you have a Facebook page that usually shares up to 3-minutes video several times a week and each of the videos usually receives about 30,000 -50,000 views, then you are exactly what Facebook is looking for.  All you need is to submit a page for review if your page or personal account meets the above-mentioned criteria.




Another way you can good money from Facebook is by becoming a top Facebook influencer. To become a Facebook influencer you need to have a fan page that can engage people either through your post or other peoples post on the page.

There are companies looking for social media influencers that can help to boost the brands of their product.

A social media influencer who can convince the audience to take action on a particular product or share the posts on the fan page to make it go wide can become a good source of earning from Facebook.

A lot of celebrities belong to this category of influencers and are making cool money from their pages. This approach of making money from Facebook will require you to get lots of fans who like you and are ready to take action on your posts.

Some companies are looking out for such influencers who they can pay to promote their product and that can be achieved when you share the product details and pictures on your page and ask your fans to share with other people. By doing that, lots of people will get to know about the product within a short time.



Facebook page marketing is another way you can make money from Facebook. Though Facebook does not officially accept this practice, many people are using it to earn cool cash from Facebook.

This method involves creating several Facebook pages and start promoting the page by asking your followers to like the page. By so doing, the page will acquire a tangible number of likes within a short time. The put the page out for sale.

There are many companies and media websites looking for fan pages to share their content and posts, selling your pages out will provide them with a large audience they need to share the content within a short time.

There are specific websites that specialize in selling social media pages. You can search for them and open an account with them and drop your social media pages you intend to sell, the bidders will bid the page and pay you through the platform.

After that, you will add the buyer as the admin of the page and remove yourself. This is not an easy method and Facebook usually frown at it. So you need to be very careful when doing it to avoid getting into a problem with Facebook.




Another way you can make good money with Facebook is to sell ‘Likes’ and “Followers”. This is a major secret of most f the celebrities you know. While Facebook advert for page promotion may cost N18 per like, you can decide to sell likes at N10 per like.

To make money with this method you need to visit websites that specialized in helping companies build their social media pages at a cheaper rate. Sign up for an account and drop your page as available to promote other pages. If you are already popular or with millions of likes and followers companies will contact you directly on the Facebook platform to assist them to boost their number of likes and followers.

If you place your price and the company or individual accepts, the link to their Facebook page will be sent to you and you can start the promotion according to the number of likes they paid you.





You can make money from Facebook by becoming a social media marketer using the Facebook marketplace platform.

The Facebook marketplace was introduced into the social media platform in the year 2007. It can be likened to a virtual garage sale where you can find almost anything you intend to buy directly from social media.

With the Facebook MarketPlace, you can sell any product to others all you need is to upload the pictures of the products, write brief details about them and the amount you want to sell.




Affiliate markers are making cool money by taking advantage of the wide reach of the Facebook platform. You can reach out to thousands of people with your product by simply posting and sharing your affiliate links regularly.

There are a good number of websites that offers an affiliate program to anyone who is interested, examples are Jumia, Konga, JiJi, and Amazon, etc. you can sign up for the affiliate program and start promoting products on the websites by sharing the product link on your Facebook page. You will receive a 8% – 15%commission on the price of the product each time a Facebook user clicks on the link and through it visit the website to buy the product. In other words, your money will be paid once the person buys the product through your link.



This option is rare and not for those intending to earn money from Facebook through Facebook account or pages. Becoming a Facebook developer meant building apps that can support Facebook functionalities.

Facebook rewards developers who build special apps that can aid the functionalities of social media. A good example is the Stanford students’ App designed for Facebook and they were rewarded with millions of dollars.


The above-mentioned methods are ways you can make money from Facebook. However, you can still lookout for other ways possibly not mentioned here. And if such exists, please use the comment section to let us know so that we can update this post.




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