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How to Make Money Selling Pastries in Nigeria

How to Make Money Selling Pastries in Nigeria

Pastry is a dough made of flour, water, and shortening (stable fats such as butter or lard) that can be savory or sweetened. Sweetened pastries are regularly defined as “bakers’ confectionery.” The word “pastries” indicates many types of baked merchandise crafted from substances including flour, sugar, milk, butter, shortening, baking powder, and eggs. Pastry dough [4], from which such baked goods are made, can also provide guidance. Pastry dough is rolled out thinly and used as a base for baked goods.

Pastry is differentiated from bread by having a higher fat content, which contributes to a flaky or crumbly texture. An accurate pastry is mild, ethereal, and fatty, but company is sufficient to aid the burden of the filling. When creating a short crust pastry, care should be taken to mix the fats and flour very well before including any liquid. This guarantees that the flour granules are appropriately lined with fat and much less likely to develop gluten.

How to Make Money Selling Pastries in Nigeria
How to Make Money Selling Pastries in Nigeria

Some not unusual pastry phrases include:

A pastry bag, also known as a piping bag, is a disposable or reusable bag that is typically cone-shaped and used to make a consistent movement of dough, frosting, or flavored substance to shape a structure, enhance a baked item, or fills a pastry with custard, cream, jelly, or another filling.

Pastry board: a rectangular or rectangular board, ideally marble, but generally wood, on which pastry is rolled out.

Pastry brake: opposed and counter-rotating rollers with a variable hole via which pastry may be labored and decreased in thickness for industrial production. A small model is used locally for pasta production.

A pastry case is a raw or blind-baked pastry field used to maintain savory or candy mixtures.

Pastry cream: confectioner’s custard. An egg-and flour-thickened custard made with sweetened milk flavored with vanilla. It is traditionally used as a filling for flans, desserts, pastries, tarts, etc. The flour prevents the egg from curdling.

Pastry cutters: various steel or plastic outlines of shapes, e.g., circles, fluted circles, diamonds, gingerbread men, etc., sharpened on one or each side and used to reduce out corresponding shapes from biscuit, scone, pastry, or cake mixtures.

Pastry blender: a kitchen enforcer used to cut the fat into the flour, which prevents the melting of the fats with the warmth of the fingers and improves the management of the dimensions of the fat chunks. It is usually built of twine or plastic, with more than one wire or small blade related to the handle.

Over the course of a year, the number of worthwhile bakeries may increase by as much as 30% .Goods are generally priced lower than what it costs the pastry chef to make them. A better income quantity equals extra cash for the bakery. A bakery income is when the income of products exceeds the cost of production. If you are simply taking unique orders, you could earn between N150,000 and N200,000 per month; if you’re running 20 hours per week, N20,000 to N30,000; and if you begin baking plenty of wedding ceremony desserts, a great deal greater. There’s one issue that each of the bakers emphasize: the strength of word-of-mouth.

How to Make Money Selling Pastries in Nigeria
How to Make Money Selling Pastries in Nigeria

The following are steps to make cash by selling pastries:

Get your License

Before setting your enterprise into practice, you will require numerous licenses, which are vital to obtain. This is for when you’ve got a huge quantity of capital. However, if you are on a small scale or on the road, you do not need to obtain a license.

Raw Materials are a Necessity.

Just like some other enterprises, you’d require a few uncooked substances that might act as a basis for your product quality.

The following are the numerous kinds of uncooked substances that are required for the bakery enterprise: baking powder. Salt, Sugar, all-purpose flour, Ghee, Milk, Eggs, Assorted fruits, Yeast, and Jam

How to Make Money Selling Pastries in Nigeria
How to Make Money Selling Pastries in Nigeria

It is likewise very vital to setup a pastry System and Utensils

Along with uncooked substances, you will also require numerous systems that might assist you to technique the baking gadgets at every stage. The equipment levels range from numerous start-up to stop-up processes.

Ovens, or microwave, Deep Freezers, Weighing scales, Planetary Mixers, mixing bowls, Baking Trays, working table, Gas Cylinders, Utensils


For putting in place a small-scale, primarily based totally pastry enterprise, the vital manpower that you ought to account for could be around two to three people who’ve some fundamental bakery knowledge. And if we communicate approximately an enterprise, this is on a medium-scale or a large-scale level, once more relying on the quantity of baking gadgets which you pass for, the desired manpower could be 7 to fourteen workers.

Have your Capital Ready

After having a look at the numerous systems, uncooked substances, and labor that might be vital, we are able to take an estimate of the amount of funding that is required for working your baking enterprise on a small and medium scale basis.

How to Make Money Selling Pastries in Nigeria
How to Make Money Selling Pastries in Nigeria

Advertising Your Pastry Business

You can begin to pitch your product to the nearby stores that are close to your home. This could assist you to attain the target market that is living in your area. Also, retailers have quite a bit of merchandise that they could show off. Bakery gadgets are one of the fast-shifting merchandise for his or her save, and consequently, with an adequate income and price, they could be inclined to have a tie-up with a few of your gadgets. If you already know, you already know that supermarkets have a lot of merchandise in inventory that is associated with pastries, be it sweets, donuts, bread, and so on. If you’re coping with more than one pastry product, then that is great. In addition, supermarkets could order merchandise in large shares.

Aside from supermarkets, you could also target a number of stores located within or outside of your community and promote your bakery merchandise in large quantities in such stores. Cake stores may be centered on desserts and pastries as well.

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