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How to make money online

The outbreak of the pandemic last year made a lot of people all over the world look for another source of income working online and we in Nigeria are not excluded. That’s one good thing that the pandemic brought and it has come to stay.

Now, have you ever searched for “how to make money online” on Google? I know you have and that’s why you’re reading this very content. Do I need to tell you that the question is an ambiguous one? So, this article is written to bring your answers in one place by discussing a few of them which are top on the list.

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is the act of rendering your skill/service in a website already full of people looking for your service and get paid. It involves working for yourself rather than working for a  particular company.

It’s using your education,  skills, and experience to work with multiple clients and take on various jobs without committing to a single employer. The number of jobs that you can take depends on your ability to deliver on them as required from them. Freelancing jobs are called gigs, they allow you to work-from-home or at the clients office.

Good freelancing website to start your journey as a freelancer include:




Interestingly you will earn in dollars working as a freelancer, as most of the jobs you will get are from foreign people. If you happen to have a skill that you have already perfected and looking to earn from it then this is for you.

The skills you can offer include Copywriting, Content writing, Data entry, Data analysis, Graphic design, Web design, etc.

2. Affiliate Marketing

You don’t have a product, a service, or even a skill but you want to earn! Great, in this Digi-sphere there is no limitation. Then, the door of affiliate marketing is wide open, virtually all known brands even here in Nigeria offer earning opportunities to affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is selling other’s products or services and earn a commission doing it. You can also choose the affiliate for digital products. However, you still need to be very good at selling to do well here, selling is a learnable skill you can acquire.

3. Product/Service

You have a product, service, or business you have already started offline but want to take it to the next level by bringing it online. For instance, you are a photographer who takes good pictures. You can scale it by selling your photos to websites ( that need them, doing so you are creating a source for passive income.

Any service or product you have can be taken to another level with the internet. So, you are leaving too ample money on the table by not coming online.

4. Information Marketing

This is very simple, get results on something and then package details on how you got that result and that’s an information product for you to sell and make money.

If you have successfully published your book on Amazon for instance and it’s selling. You can get an info-product and call it “How to publish your book on Amazon and become a best-seller”

Another example is if you successfully lost a reasonable amount of weight and was able to maintain it, your info-product could be “How I successfully lost 50kg weight and never had to worry about gaining them again”

This goes for any result you have obtained in anything, you can make money by making it much easier for someone else to achieve the result you achieved. And you don’t need many technicalities, your phone has everything you need to create an info-product, from start to finish

5. Build a Community With “Like-Minded” People

It is been said that where ever two or three people are gathered, there is money in their midst. And that’s true!

Growing your own audience or platform is an easier way to make money online. This can be a blog, Facebook group, YouTube channel. It won’t be easy to grow such a platform but with consistency, you will do it. Just keep giving out high-quality and original content and people will start coming and with time, you’ll attract money through advert placement and other offer placement too.

Understand that money is not made, money is collected. So, having a large audience on any platform in itself is having the opportunity to have a lot of money to collect. But you need to provide content that will magnet them to come around. The more people you reach, the richer you will become.


There are many ideas on how you can legitimately make money online like creating a video course on anything and upload on udemy, Coursera, and never have to worry about doing anything about money again.

It’s this article making it sound so easy. The truth’s that is very very easy. And anybody can make money online. If you are clueless or even need validation for your ideas then you need a coach to guide you.

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