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How To Make Money From Your Blog

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Blogging is a very nice avenue of making some cash online, Reason I love blogging is this:

Number one, you can be your boss while doing it.

Then secondly, you can operate from anywhere, you don’t need to start renting a shop before you can start.

Then lastly you can earn in dollars and create passive income for yourself through it.

Now, back to the main topic of the day.

How to make money from your blog


1. Make use of Google Adsense. Once a blog is created, the first thing that comes into play is how to monetize it. To monetize your blog first you need traffic, which is traffic that makes Google send ads to your blog and once you have ads to your blog, it can start generating income for you depending on how your content is doing on the search engine. That’s why people are fond of looking for writers that can write SEO Articles for them. once your content ranks well on the search engine it will be generating enough traffic to your site and that’s too much money for you when people click on your post.

2. Create digital products like ebooks on your blog and sell them.

Another way one can make money on his blog is by selling ebooks on the site. You can place your ebooks on your blog and people can patronize you by buying them depending on how they have been finding your content useful. That’s why I keep emphasizing quality content. Ebooks sell well but it all depends on how your content goes viral on social media. From my years of blogging, I have found out that the more your contents rank on the search engine the higher the number of visitors and customers it brings to you in return. So number two, take advantage of digital product to pull people and convert them to your customers, with time some might become your long term customers in terms of buying your ebooks if is value-adding.

3. As a freelancer you can turn your blog link into a portfolio and render services to people and make money.

Through experience as a freelancer in different platforms, like Upwork, and Fiverr, I have found out that clients don’t joke with portfolios before they will accept your proposal to become their content writer, they will first want to see your records through your portfolio because is your portfolio that makes them know who you are and makes you stand out from your competitors bidding for the same work. Now in a situation where you don’t have any review and portfolio on your profile, what do you do? That’s where your website will now come into play, you can drop the link to your website and show them your records, and at the end, they will have no option other than to contact you for the work. That’s why I see my website as my business card, it tells people this is who I am and this is what I can deliver and they will believe you and the next thing, they will start to connect you to work that relates to your skills and by so doing you are getting contracts and you are making money at the end of the day.

4. You can do affiliate marketing on your blog and make money.

Affiliate marketing is another nice avenue through which one can make money online through his blog.

How can this be done you might ask?

Is simple, the way is done is by connecting with other top organizations like amazon and start by promoting some of their products on your blog, as people visit your blog they will see what and what you are selling, and anyone they buy, you take your commission from there. So you drop their link on your blog and once they click on it, it takes them to where their products are and from there you do your marketing for them on your blog and make your money.

5. You can render consultant services through your blog and make money.

When you become an expert in any niche in your blog, the time will come when people will start to seek your service in that area, you can now turn it into a consultant service by charging them a certain amount of money before they can book you for consultation. So when you charge people for a consultation you make money through your blog.

5. Create an online course

Through your blog, you can create an online course and generate income when people start to pick interest in what you have to offer to them your online course. The more people register for your course, the more money you are making through your blog. And apart from that, you can equally add videos to your blog which will attract more people to your blog and as they subscribe to your youtube, the more money you are making

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6. Create a membership class through your blog.

Creating a membership class is only for those that have gone far in blogging. This is because you will charge them to become a member and before they will do this, is those of them that must have must have been following you for too long and they have gotten too used to your content, such that they can’t do without it, are the ones that will pay whatever you charge them. Without this method you cant keep them and make them pay, this is because people like free things. But if what you are giving to them is adding value to them and later you ask them to pay, you have hooked them and they won’t have any other option than to pay. So through membership classes in your blog, you make money.

Thanks for your time till I write to you again.

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