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The current situation with the Nigerian economy is quite fretting. Every day the economy keeps getting unpleasant and the population keeps increasing with lots of graduates without jobs. The people that are lucky enough to get a job are mostly underpaid. It’s perfectly normal for you to have another stream of income, despite your 8-5 job and it does not in any way make you a disloyal or greedy employee.
Side businesses are those businesses that generate additional income for you. Although the money earned from the side might not instantly make you wealthy, except you decide to scale it into a full business. But it will enable you to take care of your basic needs and also reduce financial stress.
Cyberspace has made everything easy for you. So, there is no need to physically juggle between two or more jobs because you can easily handle a side business and meet its demands right from the comfort of your home.
Let’s consider some side businesses that you can venture into to enable you to make extra income for yourself.


Drop-shipping has to do with you setting up an online store where you advertise products and services, get people to place orders, and forward the orders to the manufacturer who will ship the products directly to the buyers. It’s a very profitable business, all it entails is having an online space, advertise the business, send people’s orders to the wholesaler, and then make your commission.
As a drop-shipper, there are products you can sell and they include but not limited to clothing, accessories, footwear, cosmetics. With an idea of digital marketing, you will be able to know over and track your target audience. Using Shopify, Oberlo, or Flutterwave Platform, you can set up a more conventional store.

Content Writing

Content writing is another way to earn extra money for yourself. There are a lot of organizations online and offline that are outsourcing their contents and being a good writer, you can queue in such an opportunity. Also, there are many platforms online you can join to get writing jobs and they include Fiverr, Upwork,, etc.

Web Design

Web Design

Nowadays, businesses want to distinguish themselves from others by establishing an online presence. And having this online presence entails having a website and that’s why web design is highly lucrative as a side hustle. And the good thing about this you don’t necessarily need to know how to code to be a web designer. So move into action by learning from people and sell your service and make money for yourself.

Product Production

Product production is another business you can venture into. It’s a very lucrative business as a lot of women are now venturing into it like the skincare business. There is a need for you to pay adequate attention to different skin types and understand that some products for different skin types to avoid hurting people’s skin which is not good for your business. Once people see that your product is effective, they will be scurrying to patronize you. However, if you do not have any idea on what to and how to produce, there are a lot of tutorials online or better still attend physical training to learn.

Real Estate Agent

Connecting property owners with buyers or tenants can earn you a 10% commission. You can work full time at your job and still make a fortune being a real estate agent.
For instance in Lagos, people are always looking for a new place to rent or a new home to buy. Being a real estate agent, you help these people find new homes for a commission. To start, all you need is to carry out research and some leg work. By leg work it means you meeting with local property agents who are still limited to traditional forms of advertisement and then take those adverts to a larger online audience.
Possessing a digital marketing skill be will an advantage to successfully do any of theses side businesses. Google and other platforms are offering curses on digital marketing and Facebook ad is the best way to market yourself.

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