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How To Make Huge Profits Marketing And Distributing Ogbono

Ogbono seed

You can begin Ogbono business with any amount. as a wholesaler you can start the business with N300,000 if you are sourcing locally. ogbono business is highly profitable especially if you are buying during the time of abundance to sell in the time of scarcity

(Ogbono)Irvingia is a genus of African and Southeast Asian trees in the family Irvingiaceae, sometimes known by the common names wild mango, African mango, bush mango, dika, mbukpap uyo or ogbono. They bear edible mango-like fruits, and are especially valued for their fat- and protein-rich nuts.

The fruit is a large drupe, with fibrous flesh. The subtly aromatic nuts are typically dried in the sun for preservation, and are sold whole or in powder form. They may be ground to a paste known variously as dika bread or Gabon chocolate. Their high content of mucilage enables them to be used as thickening agents for dishes such as ogbono soup. The nuts may also be pressed for vegetable oil.

The trees yield a hard wood, useful in construction.

Irvingia was described as a genus in 1860.It is native to Africa and Southeast Asia.The genus is named in honour of Edward George Irving, a Royal Navy surgeon.A bag of Ogbono contains 17 paint buckets. A bag is 68k (4k per bucket).


There are 2 types of ogbono seeds in the market – The new type and the old type. The new type is more expensive than the old but it “draws” more than the old (you won’t need to add okro for it to “draw”. Here’s a simple way to test if the ogbono seeds you are about to buy will “draw”, break the seed into 2, moisten both halves at the point they broke off, rub them together at this same point, they should feel really slimy . Ogbono is best stored as seeds, if you will be storing freshly blended ogbono for more than 2 months, It is best to buy and store as seeds.When blended and not stored appropriately or stored for too long; Ogbono will taste and smell like soap when cooked.

Store ogbono seeds away from water and moisture.

Put freshly blended ogbono seeds into an airtight container and store in the fridge or freezer (it lasts longer in the freezer).

You can store freshly blended ogbono seeds in ziploc/ freezer bags (be sure to push out air from the bag before sealing) in the fridge.

The ogbono soup has grown in popularity across Nigeria. It is a soup consumed with some artistry and traders of the ogbono seed have been enjoying a boomOgbono is a staple food especially in Southeast Nigeria, where the soup, usually prepared with stock or roasted fish, is considered a delicacy. It is gluey, necessitating the person eating to draw the dollop of fufu dipped in it, with a slick thread of the soup trailing the food to his mouth.

There are quite a number of families that have made a living from ogbono tradethere are two categories of the trade—the “dry and rainy season types,

Buyers usually like the ado (dry season) ogbono because it draws longer,”It is a business for those who are patient.

Ogbono seed
Ogbono seed

Below are steps in making huge profit while distributing and marketing Ogbono:

1.Find where to buy your Ogbono at good rates:

You must identify the place to purchase them in abundance and in a cheaper amount which can be more accessible to you as well. The season for ogbono is between June-August. Store and then sell them out during off peak period or you buy below the current market price and sell them off immediately for a quick turnover.Source directly from farmers so as to obtain a farm gate price or you buy from dealers who are big time merchant in the business and can offer a reasonable price which could be a little higher than that of farmers but can still provide good profits.

2.Know your audience: You should have a group of potential customers that you identify to sell products or services to. Each group can be divided into smaller segments. Segments are typically grouped by age, location, income and lifestyle. It is very important that you know your audience.

3.Capital: you need to be sure of how much capital you have to determine your scale of business. In business, capital means the money a company needs to function and to expand. Typical examples of capital include cash at hand and accounts receivable, near cash, equity and capital assets. Capital assets are significant, long-term assets not intended to be sold as part of your regular business.

4.Quality:Make sure you supply quality ogbono and maintain supplies so as to retain customers. Other places to supply to are restaurants, hotels, shopping malls and supermarkets that sell foodstuff.Quality is the degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfils requirements.your ogbono seeds must be quality.

5.Adequate transport arrangement:Transport is defined as a way to move things from one place to another. It is vital to secure your transportation especially since you will be moving bags of ogbono across the country.

6.Maximize profits:make as large or great as possible your profits so all things may be equal.To make a significant profit in the ogbono business, one must cut out the middleman and buy directly from the farmers or distributors, To increase the profitability of this business is to do so. Because it will allow you to set your own price in a way that is convenient for you.

7.Marketing: Establish a customer base relationship with market men and women that deal on Ogbono, give them discount, they will buy from you. Dealers may even help you to resell during scarcity. Endeavor to Advertise your product both online and offline.

8.Storage: you should have a storeroom preserve your produce and to avoid wastage and losses.

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