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How To Make Girls Like You

How To Make Girls Like You

Being a shy person is tough. I know, I was once myself. You have to cope with your changing body and keep up with your swelling school work simultaneously. But the greatest of your concerns is your ranging hormones. And of course you are attracted to a girl or two and you don’t know how to make girls like you.

So you have seen that girl you so much like but you don’t know how to talk to her. Sure you like the way she dresses, the way she talks, the way her face brightens in a smile and the sunlight reflecting on her brunette hair. But then you don’t have the courage to say anything to her.

That time she came around you, that’s was your perfect chance to start a conversation but you don’t know what to say. Even if you managed to say something, you feel she might not like you. You don’t believe she will like you. You don’t believe you are cool enough to be liked. Be still my friend, for there is a way to make girls like you. The cool guys know this secret and that is why girls follow them.

Understanding Girls

Firstly, you must understand that the genders are different and what attracts a boy doesn’t necessary attract a girl. While they share some traits, there are some other unique to them. Don’t be judgemental of girls if what they are attracted to doesn’t make much sense to you. Remember you are here to master the game not change the rules. The better you understand what makes girl tick, the easier and faster you will attract them.

What Girls Like

If you had asked me what girls want, then I will admit, I don’t know. Nobody really know what they want, not even themselves. What we do know is what they like. When you offer girls what they like, they will tend to like you too. Now I know your next question, what really do girls like?

1. Confidence

Girls like confident boys. They like boys who ooze confidence, who will not chicken in their presence. They want a boy who can walk up to them and say exactly what he wants without being intimidated. If you are not confident of yourself, you will be repulsive. You might even be laughed at.

How do you become confident? Believe in yourself, increase your self esteem, believe it is not the end of the world if this girl doesn’t like you. There are many more girls to choose from. Sometimes girls act like they don’t like you just to see your reaction. If you act confident, they will drop the act. But if you cringe, they lose interest.

2. Sense of Humour

If you can’t make people laugh, then I suggest you go learn it right away. Girls like boys who can make them laugh. In the dating game, laughter means developing friendship, its your passport to getting what you want. Get cute jokes, appeal to her funny nature, show her you know how to enjoy yourself, and entertain, involve her in your jokes.

3. Communication

Girls also like boys who can hold a conversation. Girls talk generally talk than boys so they will appreciate anyone who could engage them in effective communication. Communication is only effective when it is a two way traffic. As ready as you want to talk, listen too. Do the listening even more. Girls are complaining boys don’t listen, if you do, you will score high on her evaluation report sheet.

How to make girls like you

4. Neatness

Don’t, I repeat don’t ever go to a girl if you are dirty! Girls are very sensual beings and do not like dirty things, boys include. Unless they really, really like you, they will air their views on your dirtiness or if they are smart enough they won’t say anything. In her quietness, she will look for an escape and be sure she is never giving you talk time. If you want to attract the ladies, groom. Brush your teeth, mouth odour is a deal breaker, wear nice clean cloths, girls care about who they associate with. Be organised, they like people who are principled. Get yourself a perfect routine to get clean everyday, there is nothing they like more.

5. Be Focussed

Girls are like investors, they look for a budding business and put their money in it. The only difference now is that the business is you and they need to find you focussed on your work for them to like you.

Now You have known what girls like, how do you use this to your advantage? Let’s find out.

1. Say Hello

How can you make a girl like you when don’t even talk to her? Walk up to her today. Remember be confident. Girls are human beings, not lionesses. If she doesn’t like you, it is not the end of the world. Start by saying hello. Keep the conversation flowing, use your communication skills and humour, try to make her laugh, but be careful, don’t try to hard, there is nothing that’s worse than that.

2. Get To Know Her

When you talk to her ask her about her hobbies, likes and dislikes. Ask her about her family, get to know her, but limit your inquires to strictly platonic questions. Don’t ask her personal ones. You will grow into this gradually. Know who she is, she will be willing to know who you are too.

3. Offer Friendship

To make someone like you, you must be ready to be liked. Be a true friend to her if you want her to be a friend. Help her with things, offer your hand in her endeavours, be reliable, be there when she needs you.

4. Admire Her

Girls put a lot of work in looking good, appreciating how she looks makes her happy. Drop a compliment or two but don’t falter, no one likes to be flattered.

5. Don’t Chase Girls

The final piece of the jigsaw is simple but paradoxical. If you want girls to like you, don’t chase them. Women (girls) are like shadows, the more you chase them the more they run away from you. How do make girls like you? Be confident, being neat, funny and knowing what you want, you will attract girls beyond your expectations. Try something today.

Now You Know

That girl you like can like you too, if only you want her. Now that you know how to make girls like you, stop peeping at her through the corners of your eyes, go on and take action. The ball is in your court.



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