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You can actually make your own braided wig if you love wearing wigs. The procedure is not as tedious as you think. However, it requires careful obedient to procedures and instructions listed in this post.

Making a braided Wig for yourself requires the following procedure:


Measurement of your head

The starting point of the whole process is to take proper measurements of your hand size. The size will help you know the actual size of the wig you will be making. Note that making of wig that does not fit properly on your head can make the wig useless for you.

Getting the actual size helps to get the most out of your wig. To make an accurate measurement, use tailor’s tape to get the circumference of your head by first taking the round section of your head and then the centre section of your head as indicated by the diagram below.

The tape should get the round shape of your head and the top shape as well. Use the measurement obtained to prepare the wig cap. You can do it by using a mannequin head or a professional wig block that suites the size of the measurements you obtained from your head. Using such to prepare the wig will ensure accuracy and provide the look you are looking for.


Making the Wig cap using the head size

The wig cap is the base that carries the braided hair. It serves as the base for the wig where all the hair attachments are fixed. The design of the braided wig starts with the way the hair attachments were fixed on the wig cap.

Get the mannequin head or a professional hair block that matches your head size. Use a ribbon to make an outline of your wig cap round the head and stick it with pins. Then stick cotton lace to the ribbon to form your wig cap. The wig cap is where the braided hair attachments will be fixed.



Making of Braided Hair Hair attachments

Now you have got the wig cap ready the next thing is to prepare your hair attachments for the wig cap. You can do that by making the braids of the hair attachments. Separate the hair attachments into small units and make a braid of each unit independently.

This is the most tedious aspect and will contribute significantly to the final look of the wig after making it. You can decide to make small braids or big braids. The size of the braid can be determined by the size of the hair attachment that formed each unit.

The smaller the braids, the longer it will take to finish the wig and the more appealing the wig may look after making.  If your braids are big, it will take a shorter time to finish and may still look nice depending on how close it is to the next braid.

Making the braid is just like the normal braids of hair attachments but you will make it according to the type of braided wig you want to make.



Get the necessary Tools

To fix the braided hair attachments to the wig cap you prepared earlier, you need to get the necessary handy tools for it. Fixing the braided hair attachments to the wig cap requires carefulness because you need to arrange them in sequential order.

Here are items you need to do that:

Large needles


Threads that match the hair colour



Fix the Braided Hair hair attachments to the wig cap (Wig Making)

With the tools available in your hand, start sewing the braided hair attachments into the wig cap. This may take you several steps because you need to stitch the hair attachments so close to each other to make a full-braided wig that can look natural.

Use the mannequin head or professional hand block to look at the appearance of the wig while fixing the braided hair attachments and after the fixing.

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