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Simple Way You Can Make a Jotter For Note-taking Within 30minutes

Way You Can Make a Jotter For Note-taking

What is Jotter and Jotting?

Jotter is a piece of notebook accessible to the user at any time to write down short or summarized information and quickly recall the information anytime the need arises.

It is a handy book that can be inserted inside a pocket or be held at hand, a suitable tool for supervisors on-field supervision, office managers in a meeting with team members, students during tutorial or practical class, church congregation during a church sermon, and lots more.

It is simply what you need to write down things and recall them as quickly as possible, the size is what makes the difference.

Jotting down key information is a practice peculiar to students, business persons, and those carrying out office-related works.  It is simply an act of taking down vita information or any information using a handy notebook known as jotter.

Jotter can be in any form of shape but one vita characteristic is the space available to put down information in the form of writing. Some are big while some are small.

The size could be in terms of the number of leaves and the area (length and width).  The size also determines how much information you could write on it.

Why You Need A Jotter

Virtually everyone needs a jotter because of its unique purpose. As a piece of information storing handy tool, a jotter is necessary for everyone who is very busy and needs something to serve as a reminder.

The users use either pen or pencil to write, draw, and sketch any form of data on the jotter as a way of summarizing, characterizing, and simplifying information. It helps to input and retrieve information easily as I mentioned earlier.

A student needs a jotter to write vita information that could serve as a reminder later, for example, is the class timetable, upcoming events, and lots more.

Business personnel needs a jotter to write vital information such as; scheduled meetings, debits and credit transactions, business phone numbers, and lots more.

A teacher needs a jotter to summary lessons to be thought in the class, upcoming school events, class timetable, and lots more.

Based on the above examples, it is obvious that various professions need a jotter to execute the same function meant for jotter.

Way You Can Make a Jotter For Note-taking in less than 30minutes

Having known how important jotter is, let us discuss how you can make a simple jotter in less than 30minutes.

  1. Look out for unused leaves of your exercise book, drawing sheets, blank papers, etc.
  2. Gather them together to form a good number of leaves.
  3. Use scissors or a paper slicer to make a uniform cut top and bottom and sideways on the leaves of papers you have arranged together.
  4. Get a thick paper you want to use as cover for the jotter and make a thorough fold of the size and cut it according to the size of the leaves cut you have made earlier.
  5. Use a stapler to hold the entire leaves you have cut including the cover together. You still have the option of doing that before making the uniform cut with a paper slicer or scissors.
  6. If you do not have access to a stapler, you can use gum to hold the leaves together and use the folded edge of the cover to wrap the held edge of the leaves together.

You can try to make your own jotter from the instructions written above. If you have any questions please drop them through the comment section.

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