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Standing fans offer enough and cheaper cooling than air conditioning for a smaller area. Nowadays electric fans have more creative designs and portability which makes them easier to be placed anywhere within the house. However, you have to perform regular maintenance to keep your standing fans running expectedly.

If you fail to take proper care of it, they may not only be a decrease in its cooling efficiency, but you may also have to spend a good amount of money to fix the fan when it suddenly breaks down. In this article are easy steps to help you maintain your fan for optimal performance.

This maintenance process will require a detergent or mild soap, handheld vacuum, cloth and water.
Follow this simple guide to keep your standing fans working effectively and efficiently.

Step One – Switch Off the Power Source

Switch off the electric source that powers the fan for safety precaution. In order to keep you safe from electrocution, completely unplug the power cable from the electric source.

Step Two – Clear the Vents

Vacuum the vents with the help of a handheld vacuum cleaner or an improvise air propeller (like feather duster). The vents are found inside the motor housing on the back of the fan. This is required to keep the air circulating into the motor.


Step Three – Remove the Fan Grill

Before you remove the fan grill check the model of the fan. You may need a screwdriver if the fan uses screw to assemble the grill. However, if your fan grills are held in place by movable brackets, then simply unclip these brackets.

Step Four – Clean the Blades

You need to clean the blades of your standing fan and soak the grill in soapy water. This will help remove all the accumulated dust even before you start cleaning the fan blades.

Step Five – Dust the External Parts

You need to dust the external parts of your fan using a clean cloth. While the grill and, blades dry clean of any water, use a clean cloth to clean any dust on the pole, base of your fan or the surrounding area.

Step Six – Reassemble All the Fan Parts

Reassemble all the fan parts only after the grill and blades have dried out completely. Don’t mount the fan if they are not properly dried. Repeat this maintenance procedure periodically to ensure your fans run smoothly.

To ensure durability of your electric fans, you can carry out this maintenance at least once a month. Moreover, allowing dust to accumulate on the fan is very unhealthy for the fan performance.

Maintaining your standing fans does not require you to be a technical person. It is easy, anyone can do it but it’s very important to do it the right way.

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