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Sometimes the necessity to learn a new language arises in our lives. You may wanna learn a new language because of a business deal, relocation, academic purpose, need to converse with a friend or family member, or simply for fun. When the desire to learn a new language emerges, the act of learning a new language becomes essential.

You may be interested in learning a Nigerian dialect such as Hausa, Esan, or Ibibio, or an international language like French, German, or Spanish. The particular language you wanna learn doesn’t matter as they all require the same procedures of learning.


The goal of this article is to give you some efficient tips on how to learn a new language.


Wanna learn a new language, following these tips will help you.


1. Associate with a native speaker.

No doubt, the most ideal approach to become familiar with another language is to speak it. Again and again, individuals invest the entirety of their energy examining sentence structure and memorizing a list of words rather than going out there and practicing what they’ve learned. Speaking with a real, live individual will assist you with feeling significantly more motivated about learning the language than gazing at a book or laptop screen.

Attempt to discover a companion or associate who communicates in the language you wish to learn and who’d plunk down with you and help you practice. Then again, you could have a go at placing promotions in nearby online discussions or papers to discover somebody to coach you or take an interest in a language trade.

On the off chance that you can’t find any individual who communicates in your language close by, attempt to associate with somebody on Skype. Individuals in unfamiliar nations are regularly able to trade thirty minutes of talking in their local tongue for 30 minutes of talking in English. A Hellotalk account is another choice. Italki is likewise an extraordinary application.

2. Study the language consistently.

People frequently claim to have studied a language “for a very long time” and still not being fluent in it. Yet, when they say five years, they most likely imply that they read the language two or three hours every week throughout that whole time frame. How about we make one thing clear – in the event that you need to gain proficiency with another dialect rapidly – that is, in about half a month or months – you must focus on reading the language a few hours out of each day.

Language learning depends on repetition – pounding something into your cerebrum again and again until you recall it. On the off chance that you break excessively long between study sessions, you are significantly more inclined to fail to remember what you realized last time and you will burn through valuable time returning over what you’ve already learned.

You can prevent this by concentrating each day. There are no extraordinary alternate ways with regards to language learning – you simply need to submit.

3. Carry a dictionary constantly.

Carrying a dictionary with you will save you a ton of time and dissatisfaction, so put resources into one at the earliest opportunity!

It could be a real, physical word reference , or a dictionary application on your smartphone – you simply should have the option to consult it instantly at whatever point you need a word.

4. Watch, tune in, read and write in your selected language.

Submerging yourself in a language implies doing the entirety of the exercises you would ordinarily do in your mother tongue, through your new language – regardless of whether that is perusing, composing, or tuning in.

Perhaps the least demanding thing you can do is sit in front of the TV shows or films in the language you are attempting to learn. Try to stay away from subtitles, as you will in general depend on them. To make things simpler, attempt to watch shows or films whose plots you are as of now acquainted with – like kid’s shows or named adaptations of English motion pictures – realizing the setting will assist you with interpreting the implications of words and expressions.

You ought to likewise endeavor to read and write in your new language. Get a paper or magazine and endeavor to peruse one article a day – looking into any words you don’t comprehend in your dictionary. You ought to likewise attempt to compose a couple of basic things in your new dialect – regardless of whether it’s a pretend postcard or a shopping list.

Download webcasts or check out radio broadcasts in your new dialect. This is an extraordinary method to drench yourself in the language while you’re in a hurry. In addition to the fact that this helps with your listening comprehension, it likewise permits you to hear the right way to express normal words and expressions.

Change your language settings on the entirety of your electronic gadgets so you can get words you know effectively in English however not in the new dialect.

Listen to songs in the new language. Attempt to become familiar with the verses, at that point check what they mean. That way, in the event that you hear it once more, you can determine what the discussion is about by then.

5. Visit a country or state where your selected language is spoken.

Clearly, it would be an incredible lift to your language mastering abilities if you could visit and invest some energy in a country or state where your new dialect is spoken.

Urge yourself to associate with local people – regardless of whether you’re requesting headings, finishing a trade in a store, or essentially making proper acquaintance – and you will acquire another enthusiasm for the language and its speakers.

It doesn’t make any difference how basic your oral abilities are, continue to drive yourself to talk and you will before long notice an immense improvement in your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.


1. Learn some greeting words in the selected language before learning the alphabet.

2. Learn the alphabet of the language you are learning, if essential.

3. Learn vocabulary.

4. Learn numbers in the new language.

5. Don’t be bothered about how you speak the language.

6. Work on articulation.

7. Don’t be scared of making blunders.


At this point, you must have learned how to learn a new language. It is super cool to be multilingual, that is capable of speaking many languages. Now, go on and learn that language of your choice. Cheers!



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