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Keeping your partner in love with you is as important as keeping your relationship alive. A relationship void of love is headed for destruction and I’m sure you don’t want that to be your case. And that’s why you are here right? Well, I’ve got answers that can help you and your partner. But, first, what really is love and why is it that important??


Love means different things to different people. Your understanding of love greatly influences your love experience. Love for me could be a strong feeling for an individual, sexual attraction to an individual, or a decision to stay with a person forever. If you want to keep your partner continually in love with you, then you should know what love means to your partner. This understanding will help you know how to keep your partner in love with you.


Love Your Partner The Way He Wants To Be Loved

Your partner’s definition of love might be different from yours, so you have to learn his/her understanding of love and love that way. Sounds simple right?? You will have to pay attention to their love language and learn to communicate it to them. If your partner loves “act of service” and you are speaking “quality time” then you are not communicating love. The best way to keep your partner in love with you is to love him/her rightly. Look out for things that make him/her happy, observe their reactions to your gestures from time frequently, it will help you in communicating love effectively. Everyone naturally loves a person, who thinks of ways to put a smile on their face, so go for it. Learn and Enjoy!!

Be Yourself

Being real is an attribute that most relationships lack in our world today. Your partner would love you more if he/she can come to terms with your personality. Be sincere and open in your dealings with them. Another thing, you must also know is that being you doesn’t allow you to be nonchalant and lazy. Don’t stop being at your best in your relationship, remember, variety is the spice of life. As much as you are real, diligently improve on Yourself!! To keep your partner in love with you, you must give him/her something to love continually. So, be consistent in your character!!

How to keep your partner in love with you

Show Gratitude and Be Kind

Learn to appreciate gestures and offers shown to you by your partner. Don’t look down on your partner’s effort to make you happy. Show them that you are grateful for all the sacrifices they make on your behalf. Be kind to them, go out of your way to do things for them. Avoid being on the receiving side always, it’s draining. Give as much as you receive!! Also, learn to wear a smile and stay happy always, be a Joy giver!!

Apologize and Trust

Offenses would always come in a relationship, but what do you do, when they come? Apologize, forgive and move on. Learn to say sorry when you are wrong, quit the blame game, and please don’t always make excuses for your actions. Also, don’t allow offenses to destroy your trust for your partner. If you want to keep your partner in love with you, you should show him/her that you trust them. Your trust will endear your partner to you.

How to keep your partner in love with you

Give your partner space

Every individual out there loves his/her privacy. So please don’t choke your partner, give them space. Loving him/her without a balance sends a message of desperation rather than love. Love them truly, but give your partner space. Give them space to see and know your worth in the relationship!!


To keep your partner in love with you, keep the communication lines active. Share thoughts, feelings, goals. Ask questions and learn to listen to the things they don’t say. Stay positive and appreciate each other always.

Have a fulfilling life

Beyond the relationship, pursue your career. Be passionate about a skill, job and chase it. To keep your partner in love with you, will have to make him/her proud of you. As long as you want your relationship to work, make your career work too. Make your partner know that he/she is privileged to have you.

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