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Agric-tech platforms are the new face of modern-day Agriculture. There are currently over 70 Agric-tech platforms in the country, promising benefits ranging from considerable dividends to huge gains to eager investors in various agriculture endeavors.
Many comment have rolled over and over again to verify all these Agric-Tech investment platforms whether they are real or fake.
With past experiences that I have had with many agric-tech investment platforms, I can say from the inception many agric-tech investment who finds themselves in situations of owing their investors do not have the intention to scam but since their capacity of the debt has overwhelm them, this is when they have no choice than to stay hidden.

Even with these false agric-tech investment platform, many are still real and paying ROI to all their customers, just like Jesus’s life time, out of the good disciples there will always be a Judas. This means that no matter how the good ones can trend on a path the bad ones will find their ways into the game.

In this research

  • ⦁ I will share you what to look for when about to invest in any agric-tech investment platforms
    ⦁ I will talk about the controversies of LEADWAY ASSURANCE what is their relationship with Agric-tech company
    ⦁ I will recommend like three Agric-tech investment platform that i have tried and seen worthy.
    ⦁ I will also give some advice to many agric-tech company that may be reading this write-up in-order to help them and protect their dignity whenever they fall into a fault or Debt.




The Corperate affairs commission (CAC) is the Nigerian Number one confirmation of a legal company, this means that such company registered under CAC is being recognized by the Nigerian Government and can be easily tracked if there is any problem against them, the CAC usually have a number, the usually begins with RC and ends with numbers which you can verify on CAC website e.g RC1234567. In leu of this, it is very important for any agric-tech investment platform that you want to invest with should be registered under CAC, many claimed to be registered, but be sure it is under CAC, if not, kindly look for another agric-tech company to invest with.


Here is the second point to look out for, kindly be mindful of my heading “standard official website”.
Website: The website should be a website and not a blog, a website is where you can log in access your dashboard, view your balance, pay online and lodge a complain and should be attended too as fast as possible.
To know if a website is standard: There are many ways to know if a website is standard, the website must contain the company’s official logo and the CAC registration number somewhere close to the company’s logo. the website design must look professional with good combinations of colours, relating to farming and colours related to their logo.
To know if a website is official: The word official means something related to office use, confidential and corperate, the website must contain all the details related to their office, their office address must be there, their workers pictures must be there, even the Picture of the CEO must be included in order for all investors to recognize him anytime anywhere. The website should also have the active social media of the company like instagram, facebook, twitter and the company’s official phone number to call. There should also be a live chat on the website too for speedy response if there is an issue.


Many Agric-Tech company that result to scams later on actually don’t have Farm site, they only edit graphics without projecting anything about their farm, a real agric-tech company may be partnering with a farmer or association of farmers, to know if any agric-tech company has a farm or is operating with association of farmers, they must make video recording of their farm with their members working together, maybe with their brand tshirt, their CEO and their team members.
These are few important qualities to look when searching for a better Agric-tech Company to invest.


About The Leadway Assurance

Leadway Assurance Company, also known as Leadway, is a Nigerian insurance corporation headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. It is one of Nigeria’s largest insurance companies. Leadway provides commercial and personal property and casualty insurance, travel insurance and life insurance.
Leadway was established in 1970 by Sir Hassan O. Odukale. It commenced business in 1971 and started out as a direct motor insurer. It expanded into other areas of general business until it became a composite company underwriting both life and general insurance business. The company’s financial capacity grew over time, and can now underwrite risks of very high magnitude as regards heavy industries, such as Oil and Gas and big manufacturing concerns. It also offers subsidiary financial services like Bond, Secured Credit, Miscellaneous financial losses and Fund/Portfolio management. The company is now being run by Tunde Hassan-Odukale
Leadway only provides insurance cover for the farm assets of its insured Agric-tech platforms. It does not gives repayment for loss investment of investors. Read carefully below.
The insurer’s statement also clarified that it provides cover to these platforms using various Agric-based, bespoke insurance solutions for the risks to their engaged farms, and other farm assets against perils agreed in the contractual insurance policy document issued. In other words, Leadway Assurance does not, in any way, guarantee the safety of investors’ funds as promised to by the Agric-tech platforms. Investor’s funds and the returns thereof are not covered as one of the risks of the insurance policy Leadway Assurance provides to these Platforms. Leadway Assurance therefore does not cover the risk associated with the investor’s capital and the associated returns on investment.
Don’t be tricked as an investor whenever you see leadway assurance logo around the Agric-tech company you want to invest with.
As an investor, we understand that due diligence might be somewhat extensive, but there are fundamental steps to take. First, seek for a broader explanation on the extent of coverage the insurance policy publicised by these platforms offer. Also, understand that your investments are not covered by insurance and if any platform is telling you otherwise they are actually not saying the truth.


If you are old to Agric-tech investment companies you will know these companies i want to recomend, they are cooperative and understanding to their investors.
If you are new to Agric-tech investment i duely recommend these as a kick start for your investment


Farmcrowdy is a global Agtech company focused on helping stakeholders in the food value chain maximize their output and increase their profits with technology. They are reliable and have been navigating the part of never having a debt over investors.


OlmaksFarm connects you to risk-free secure farming opportunities anywhere, anytime, with higher returns, they empower farmers make profit from agricultural commodities trading.
They pay out up to 70% ROI.The name of the CEO is HON MAKINDE SOLOMON


An innovative digital platform that gives everyone the opportunity to engage in Agribusiness anytime and on the go, by funding farms and trading of agricultural commodities.


Dear up and coming agric-tech company, please if you know you cannot blend in this industry please dont stake the money of innocent investors , be transparent enough to the point of trust to investors.
And also stop lying with leadway, do not put the life of investors at risk on hypertension, whenever you fall into a short which is likely not conversant with genuine agric-tech company kindly openup to your investors as soon as possible; this tends to show more loyalty and tranparency than keeping mute.
Also dear agric-tech company please have a backup plan for your investors incase things go wrong, backup plans like you also should invest the funds of investors e.g to another agrictech company, forex, cryptocurrency or even banks, in order to have a backup plan when things fall apart.



This post is not created to condemn any Company or elevate spams, i am a content creator and i have created this content out of multiple question that i have received lately about agric-tech.

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