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Installing any software on your computer depends on the kind of operating system and the software itself. The steps explained in the article will help you in installing any software on your computer system. Moreover, there is a need for you to understand that the steps are for installing software didn’t mention how to handle the errors that might come up during the installation process.

General Tips to Consider

• You must understand the requirements of the software you want to install on your computer to know if it’s compatible with your system.

• With the README manual, the instructions on how to install the software on your device won’t be an issue. And you can easily find it on the software site or as a text file in the same directory of the software itself.

• While installing the software and any problem occur, you’re advised to close the program.

• After installing the new program and the system pops up a notice for you to restart the system, do it.

For Microsoft Windows Users

Installing from a CD or DVD

With an Autoplay feature, setting up the screen for the software to install when the CD is inserted will happen automatically. If the program came with this feature, follow the steps that come up after the disc was inserted into your computer system.

If the AutoPlay feature is disabled on your computer system or is not available at all, the steps below will help out:

• First, go to My Computer and click on it.

• When My Computer window opens, locate the drive that has the installation files.

• Inside the drive with the files, locate the executable set up or even the install file. By double-clicking on the file and the installation process will start immediately.

Installing a CD on a Computer With no Disc Drive

Nowadays, new computer systems do come without disc drives. What you are to do is to find the software on the internet but make sure you have the product key. With this key, you can easily install any software on your computer.

If the program is not available on the internet for you to download. The best thing to do is to copy all the CD contents into a drive on another computer system.

Installing From a Download

• Go to the program’s site and click download to download it on your computer.

• Click on the downloaded folder to open It.

• If the files are in executable format, double-click the file icon to set up the process. If the file is in compressed format (.zip), you should extract the file’s contents before setup can start.

• Once the files are extracted, double-click the setup to install the program on your computer.

Installing From a Flash Drive

• First, go to My Computer or Windows Explorer and find the Flash Drive.

• Click on the drive, from there you will locate the setup, and double-click the file icon to start the setup process.

Installing from MS-DOS or Windows Command Line

A basic understanding of the MS-DOS commands will help you install any program from Microsoft DOS.

• Before you install any MS-DOS program, first, switch to the directory that has the installation files. If you are installing the program from a CD, switch back to that drive.

• Click for the directory or drive that has the installation files to open, then run the executable setup file. Most times by just typing setup or even install at the prompt the installation process will start.

Installing on Your Mac

New Apple computer systems don’t come with CD-ROM such as MacBook and iMacs. So, the following steps will help you install software from the download.

Installing From the Download

• On your computer, locate and click on the Finder icon on the Dock at the bottom of the screen.

• A window will pop up, on the left side of the window, under a section “Favorites” click the Downloads selector, which’s in macOS.

• Locate the program you want to install and double-click it.

• Follow the guided instructions to install the program smoothly.

• Once the program is installed successfully, drag it to the Applications folder and delete the installation file from your computer.

• Finally, with a click on the Applications selector, you will see the program you have installed on your computer.

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