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GOtv Subscription Plans


GOtv has become a major choice among all the subscription-based Television Channel broadcast services not only in Nigeria but in over 11 countries within Africa.

GOtv is a Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) service meant to provide affordable viewing Subscription of Television Channels in Africa. Just a few years from the year it was launched, GOtv had been providing the expected affordable subscription with interesting channels since 2011. It had been the first and largest (DTT) service provider using the advanced DVB-t2 digital standards.

The decoder and Antenna of GOtv seem to be cheaper than other payment-based television channel viewing services. It comes with a one-month free subscription as well.

Besides all the above advantages, GOtv also has the advantage of easy storage. Though not everyone can find it easy to install maybe because they have not done it before or read the installation manual carefully. This post will give you a guide to easily install your GOtv without wasting much of your time.

Here are steps you need to follow to install your GOtv in your house:

GOtv pack

GOtv pack



Once you open the GOtv pack, you will find the following items inside:

One Remote control, one Terrestrial Antenna known as GOtenna, one roll of RG-6 coaxial cable, one power adapter plug, an AV wire (3 is to 1 type).

  1. Remove all these items from the pack and place them on a clean surface or floor.
  2. Carefully pull out one end of the cable (usually black or white color cable), the end that has a connecting nut plug, and make it pass through the opening at the center of the antenna grid.
  3. Nut the plug to the nut port positioned beneath the round-shape yellow plastic fixed at the center of the antenna. And afterward, position the waterproof sleeve by sliding it over the plug.
  4. There are green and red clipping sections on the antenna grid and the Antenna itself. With the cable connected to the Antenna, clip the antenna to the antenna grid using the red and green clipping sections.
  5. There is a U-shape metal clip with nuts on both sides, remove the nuts and make it pass through the middle of the antenna grid, and insert the nuts back in their initial positions. The metal clip will be used to clip the pole that will carry the antenna and its components. Therefore, before inserting the nuts back, position the first bracket of the clip over the flat side against the antenna grid. Then position the second bracket o the clip to face the antenna grid.
  6. Insert any pole or wood you want to use for mounting the antenna between the two brackets in the U-shape metal clip and making the antenna to be on a vertical axis with the pole with the U-shape metal clip holding it at the center.



At this stage, you need to set up your decoder so that it can send the signal received from the antenna to the television. This stage requires careful attention because you may experience serious technical challenge if it is not done properly.

  1. With the AV cables (Audio Video cable) found in the pack, connect the red, yellow, and white plugs into the television ports for Video, and Audio respectively.
  2. With the Video and audio plugs on the other end of the AV cables, plug them respectively in the space provided at the back of the decoder taking note of the colors in the ports.
  3. The next step is to insert the other end of the antenna cable to the antenna port space at the back of the decoder. You will see the port for the antenna towards the left side of the decoder back just beside the ports for AV cables. You can still use an HDMI cable at this point if you have it.
  4. The next step is to plug the power supply cable into the decoder. First of all, connect to the decoder before plugging it into the wall socket. The wall socket should be switched off first when making the connection and turn ON after the connection. It is also recommended to use a power surge protector for the GOtv decoder.
  5. Turn your television ON and press the AV button on the remote. The AV channel will open on the television screen. Allow it to stay up to 20 seconds to display the GOtv logo and afterward, the setup screen will show up.
  6. When the decoder is unable to complete scanning, it will display the signal detection screen, to solve this problem, you need to change the direction of the GOtv antenna o point to the transmitter until it gets the strongest signal.
  7. Your decoder is ready for activation the moment it shows ‘GOchannel’ on the screen.

At this point, you can go ahead and activate your GOtv Decoder to start watching your favorite channels.

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