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Though video conferencing has been available before the outbreak of COVID-19, little of it was put into use and developers couldn’t see the need to pay more attention to the making of video conferencing apps or related apps that could help distance groups meeting. Though Zoom app and other related apps may have been developed earlier before the COVID-19 pandemic, it is obvious that those apps gained public acceptance as a result of lockdowns coming from the Coronavirus outbreak hence the need for social distancing and organizations to keep in touch with their staff who work directly from home. Among all the popular apps, Zoom seems to gain more attention when it comes to scheduling of meeting and holding of meetings. This post will be giving you all the details of the Zoom app, how to install it, how to configure its settings, how to schedule a meeting using the Zoom app, how to join a meeting, and how you can exit from a meeting.



Zoom is a virtual one-on-one or colleague meeting app that has a cloud-based video conferencing ability making it possible to host meetings and virtual communications. It has good audio and video features that clearly distinguished it from other similar apps. Besides that, Zoom has other collaboration features that help to remote communication and connect team/colleagues together.

From HD video chat and conference meeting to Audio Conference meeting using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Quick and direct messaging, Virtual backgrounds for video calls, Screen sharing and collaborative whiteboards, hosting of video webinars, and lots more. Zoom seems to stay ahead of its competitors. There are so many features on Zoom and all aim at making easy communication and secured communication as well.

More important information about the Zoom app is the versions that are available.  The versions exist for Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, iPods, iPhones, Androids, and Window Phones, etc. these options have made the Zoom app an all-around possibility irrespective of your device and the OS of your device. It is safe, fast, sophisticated, and easy to use on all devices.



Installing the Zoom app on your device may not be as difficult as you may think. In fact, it is not difficult at all to install Zoom App provided your device has enough space for its installation and other features to make the app function effectively.

Here are ways you can install Zoom:


For an Android Phone user, head to your Google Play Store by launching your Play Store App. Use the search form to search for “Zoom messaging App” the Zoom app will show up. Click on the App Icon and click the “Install” button to download the app into your Android Phone. After downloading click the “Open” button to launch the app in your phone.



For a Desktop or Laptop user, just visit using your browser. When you get to the website page click on the “SIGN UP” button located at the top-right corner of the screen.  The sign up has some options that can it things easier. You can sign up using your Gmail account or using your Facebook account. You also Sign up using the Single Sign-On (SSO). On the Signup page, you will see a message informing you to Sign up with your work email address if you intend to use Zoom for work purposes. Afterward, Zoom will be downloaded on your Desktop or Laptop and will be ready for use immediately.


If you are using any of the apple phones visit the Apple Store to download and install the Zoom app into your phone. The process is the same as that of the play store for Android Phones. Just within few minutes of the installation, your Zoom app can be used for video calls immediately on your iPhones.



Zoom App configuration is very simple, all you need is to Sign up for an account on the app or on the website and the app will get installed and ready to use on your device especially if you are using a Desktop or Laptop.  You don’t need any configuration based on the default settings of the app you can use it immediately to join meetings, host meetings, or send instant messages to someone. However, if you need special settings, you can click the “settings” icon on the app interface to carry out alterations or changes you want.



Once you launch the Zoom App you will button with icons on them that say: “Join a meeting”, “Schedule meeting”, “Invite Someone for a Meeting”, and lots more. Those icons are already showing want the app can do. To schedule a meeting all you need to do is to click on the “Schedule Meeting” button. A page will show up where you choose the time, date, and other necessary details, and click Schedule to save the Scheduled meeting. Afterward, a link will be issued with a password code, the link and password will be sent to anyone that will attend the meeting via the email address, Facebook, or other messaging apps. The link helps other Zoom App users to view details of the scheduled meeting such as the time and number of people involved in the meeting.


You can join the Zoom meeting by simply clicking on the link. You must take note of the password of the meeting sent alongside the link. When the link opens you will be prompted to enter the password before joining the meeting. If everything is done correctly, you will join the meeting and start seeing the HD video of other users in the meeting. You can turn the camera off if you don’t want to be seen by others. You can turn the audio off, change your video background, send instant messages while the meeting is going on, and do lots of other possible things while in the meeting.

Before joining the meeting, ensure that it has reached the scheduled time of the meeting otherwise you wouldn’t see anyone if you log in for the meeting.



After spending quality time in the meeting and wants to leave, the option is not far from you. Just look below the app interface and see a button that says “Leave meeting” click on it and you will be logged out of the meeting immediately.


At this stage, I assume that you have understood all that Zoom can do for you, how to install it, how to use it and play around with it. If you encounter any difficulty while using the app do not hesitate to drop a comment here for assistance.


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