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How To Increase Your Chance of Getting Pregnant

How to increase the chance of getting pregnant

It’s decided, you’re going to start a little baby. But you have to prepare a minimum to put the odds on your side and boost your fertility. Here is a program to set up over three months to optimize your chances of conceiving.

First month: detoxify the body

Stop smoking

Tobacco is the first enemy of your fertility. It is essential to quit the cigarette if you want to put the odds in your favor. Do not hesitate to consult a tobacco specialist. And know that when it comes to smoking cessation, motivation is essential. But you have the best motivation: baby!

To find out more, consult our file on quitting smoking before pregnancy .

Eat better to boost your fertility

Before pregnancy, your body must be at its best and not lacking in anything. This means eating a varied and balanced diet and filling up with vitamins and minerals. Beware of diets that can disrupt your hormonal cycles. It is not recommended to embark on a slimming program before conceiving.

Adopting good eating habits before pregnancy will benefit your child  from the first days of pregnancy .

Drink water

Eating well is good, but you also need to drink plenty of water. At least 1.5 liters per day. Alcohol should be avoided because it has a deleterious effect on fertility. The coffee would also be singled out. 

Second month: be on point about your ovulation
Get a check-up with your gynecologist
Make an appointment with your gynecologist for a little check up. Tell him about your desire for pregnancy, he will be a precious ally who can give you appropriate advice.

Know your ovulation date
The key point of fertility is ovulation. It is essential to know your ovulation date to plan sexual intercourse around this date. To assess your fertile period, you can take our test . But the safest thing is to monitor your temperature chart online . Ovulation tests are also available in pharmacies.


Preparing for the future dad
Remember that it takes two to make a baby! Monsieur must also boost his fertility by doping his sperm. This requires quitting smoking and eating well.

Wearing underpants that are too thick and pants that are too tight are to be avoided. Indeed, the testicles do not like the heat, which will affect the production of spermatozoa.

Third month: focus on making love

Make love well to get pregnant
Of course, you know how babies are made. But sometimes a few small details must be added to your antics to be sure to put the odds on your side.

Change your habits

Sex should not become a “chore” for couples who want to conceive. So to prepare yourself for very regular sexual activity for the next few months, it is better to change your habits a little. Think of everything that is good for provoking excitement and desire.

Make appointments

Nothing better to make your small monthly meetings enjoyable than to schedule a romantic event. Once you have the calendar of your approximate ovulation dates, start booking small boutique hotels for romantic weekends, alternating with a few small restaurants.

After this intense program, you should be ready to conceive. All you have to do is get to work and let Mother Nature take her course.

Let go !

Instead of panicking from the 3rd month of inconclusive trial, we reassure ourselves by saying that the chances of obtaining a pregnancy for a couple in good health are approximately ¼ per cycle and that we have 2 years before you start worrying. 

But even beyond that, it often happens that the reasons for infertility are purely psychological. 

We then speak of psychogenic (or unexplained) infertility. The best: forget calendars and temperature curves to avoid unconscious blockages because it is very often when you don’t think about it (or more) that pregnancyoccurs. 

If you are hyper-anxious or have a difficult personal story, this is an opportunity to call on a professional (psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst). 

Get In Shape


Medical professionals have been raising women’s awareness for several years about the harmfulness of smoking (which reduces fertility by 10 to 20% depending on the number of cigarettes smoked per day), drugs and alcoholism , but also excessive consumption of caffeine on egg quality.

Good life and addicts can be reassured: if cannabis and tobacco are to be avoided, you can however keep 2 espressos and a glass of red wine daily (we forget the latter once pregnant, of course!).

Be Spontaneous

To avoid keeping your eyes glued to your calendar of cycles and your mind obsessed with “efficiency” and “productivity”, the ideal is still to have regular but not calculated sexual intercourse. As soon as the desire for a child is felt and the contraception is stopped, sexual intercourse every 2 or 3 days outside the period should optimize the chances of pregnancy (if the ovum does indeed only last life of 1 to 2 days, sperm can survive 3 to 5 days in the uterus). This avoids focusing on an often poorly estimated ovulation period and puts the odds on your side. Don’t forget that spontaneity is often the mother of fertility!

Eat Healthy

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Nature does not like excess and this is valid for all areas, even reproduction! Thus, women who are too thin or, on the contrary, overweight are generally more prone to ovulation disorders which compromise fertility.

When considering pregnancy, avoid drastic diets (moreover often synonymous with deficiencies) but also snacking and meals that are too rich, too fatty, too sweet or too salty. The key? As always, a varied and balanced diet.


Move… but not too much!
Researchers at Boston University have shown the positive role on fertility of moderate physical activity (walking, swimming, gardening, etc.). Moving at least 5 hours a week would increase the chances of pregnancy by 18%.

But here again, the secret lies in the happy medium since beyond 5 hours of intense physical activity per week, the chances of procreating decrease by 32

% for a person of normal build. And this is not only true for woman since in men

physical activity improves the quality of sperm!

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