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How To Increase The Battery Life of Your Android Phone

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How to prolong Android Phone Battery life

It can be so annoying to have a weak Android phone battery. If your phone battery is weak, you may find it difficult to watch your videos, take pictures, browse your assignments and do your research. In fact, you will not enjoy your phone. The stress of always having to go along with your charger or power bank is enough trouble you can get from a dying battery. Although you do not expect the battery of your Android phone to live forever, you would certainly expect it to stay up for some period of time. But do you know that you can be the man in a long black coat for your Android phone battery

If you just got your new Android phone and you do not want to suffer the limitations and inconveniences that will be placed on you by a short-lived battery, read this post to know how you can increase the battery life of your Android phone. The how of increasing the battery life of your Android phone is a function of observing certain instructions. Follow them for a long battery life, and disregard them to have your battery tagged “gone too soon”. Read on to have a look at some of them. 

Do not be in a hurry

The process of extending the life of your battery begins on the day you unpacked your new Android phone. Remember the simple instruction that was given to you immediately after you finished paying for your phone: “Make sure you charge the battery completely before you start using it.” That is where it all begins. There is no doubt about the excitement of getting a new Android phone, especially if it is your first time using one, or it was given to you as a gift. But if you want your excitement to last longer, then you must stick to the rule. I know you can’t wait to upload that video, take pictures, surf the web, and watch YouTube videos, but if you have to do these things, you have to charge your battery to full before you jump into them. Youdo not have to be in a hurry, or else your battery will also die in a hurry.

Avoid using your phone while charging

Using a phone while charging or charging a phone while using it has been one of the major killers of Android phone batteries. This practice is more common among students who do it on the basis of killing two birds with one stone. One way this can be avoided is by planning your time well. If you are researching for an assignment, you should have a set time for that. Another way is to prioritize the usage of your phone. If you know you need to research an assignment or you will be doing any other important thing with your phone, then cutting down on social media, playing music, and watching videos would be a good idea. The simple reason is to preserve the battery for your research or that important online adventure. If this is the case, you would not have a reason to use your phone while charging. 

Do not overcharge your battery 

A popular aphorism holds that too much of anything is a disease, and overcharging your Android phone battery is not an exception. This may not always be a deliberate act for some people, hence the need to avoid charging your phone during bedtime or when you are out on a stroll. If you should do this, you could have someone help you unplug it immediately after it is fully charged. There is no phone battery that stores overcharged power to be used when your battery goes low. When you overcharge beyond 100 percent, you shorten the life of your battery, and it won’t hesitate to die. 

Allow for some downtime

Stress is, naturally and medically, not a friend of good health and long life. This applies to your Android phone battery too. You should leave your phone idle for a significant number of hours a day. Avoid fingering on your phone all day. Most young people, after completing important activities and answering all the social media messages, and nothing left to do, are fond of going through their photos and just ransacking their phones, searching for nothing. That is addiction, and if it doesn’t destroy you, it will destroy your battery. 

Your charging source matters

You do not charge your Android phone battery at every source available. For instance, charging your phone with a computer USB port has been widely known to cut battery life short. Computer USB ports usually do not produce enough charge to match the needs of the phone battery. If you are charging from a USB port and also operating some battery-draining applications like games and Google Sync, then you may experience your battery decreasing while you are charging. 

Avoid regular charging

When you overuse your phone, your battery gets low easily. When your battery is always low, you will have to charge your phone constantly. This trend kills the battery life of your phone. To avoid having to visit the switch every hour to charge your phone, you should consider giving it some time off and avoiding overuse. 

How to prolong Android Phone Battery life

Always use the right charger 

It is best practice to always charge your phone’s battery with the original charger that came with it. If it has been spoiled, get a new one that matches your phone. Any other charger with a higher or lower capacity will spell untimely death for your battery. Moreover, if you should buy a new charger, make sure you compare the power rating with your original charger.

In conclusion, increasing the life of your Android phone battery saves you from many troubles, including the compulsory task of having to carry your chargerwith you always. By observing these listed rules, you can keep your battery alive for a longer period of time. 

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