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How To Identify Fake Wristwatch

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How to identify fake wristwatch

If you have fallen victim to buying a substandard wrist watch or wristwatch that has little or no value in the amount used in purchasing it, then this post will be of help to you.

A wristwatch that bears the description mentioned above can be generally referred to as a ‘fake’ wristwatch. In a clear term, fake wrist means substandard, low or no value, and defective watch.

Once a wristwatch falls short of whatever quality and features it ought to have, it is referred to as ‘fake’ because the assumed or expected quality cannot be found in it. Many users have ended up buying such wristwatches in a bid to get a quality wristwatch.

Sometimes, the bad feeling is not buying the ‘fake’ wristwatch but the fact that it has been purchased at the price meant for the quality wristwatch. The user will be dealing with two bad feelings altogether, using a ‘fake’ wristwatch and losing money due to the high price of purchasing it.

A fake wristwatch can be categorized in two ways, one is material quality and the other is engine quality.

A wristwatch may be made from poor material assumed to be of quality material. Such could be placed in the same price rate with the real quality wristwatch bearing such price tag.  A good example of such can be seen in chain watches and leather wristwatches. In a shop selling quality gold and silver, chain wristwatches a substandard ‘fake’ golden or silver chain wristwatch could be placed or mixed with such watch and mischievously sold to the victim at the price of the original wristwatch.

In terms of rating the wrist according to the engine quality, a quality wristwatch may lack the same quality in terms of the engine. All the wristwatch engines are not the same, you may be having some with poor mechanisms, low battery power, and refurbished engines. However, a quality wristwatch engine has quality metallic mechanisms and a quality copper coil to power the mechanisms.

The evidence of a quality wristwatch engine can be seen in terms of durability, stability, and simplified working mechanisms. However, this is not the same with digital display wristwatches. For a digital wristwatch, the quality can be defined by the ability to be shockproof and waterproof and good battery life. These features may not really be all that a quality digital wristwatch engine requires but they certainly add to the features of the quality ones.

Having understood the clear difference between the fake and quality wristwatch, you can now confidently shop for the type of wristwatch you want.


How To Identify Fake Wristwatch
How To Identify Fake Wristwatch

Assuming you want to embark on shopping for the quality wristwatch of your choice and you really want to get the best value for your money with that I mean you do not want to be given a fake wristwatch at the price of the original wristwatch, then follow these steps to be sure of what you are buying:

Test For The Chain or Leather Quality

  1. The starting point of your test is the most visible part which is the chain or leather quality. While it may be difficult to know if a particular chain will wash color after some time, you can personally carry out a personal check-in in that regard.
  2. Use a magnet to know if the chain is magnetic, if it is magnetic then it is not a pure gold or silver chain.
  3. Use gold and silver tester, for the ones made with other non-ferrous metals using a magnet, will not detect them, the only way to find out is using gold or silver tester depending on the color of the chain watch.
  4. The majority of the fake wristwatch may really be coated with gold or silver while the parent metal may be an alloy of non-ferrous metals. To detect such, a sharp cut into the hidden parts of the chain could reveal a different color of metal from the one seen on the surface.
  5. For a test on quality leather, you can check the layers of the leather. Quality leather wristwatch doesn’t have many layers. Quality leather is simple and compacted with little or no shiny surface finishing.
  6. Squeeze or twist the leather wristwatch severally and check the flexibility. Quality leather is flexible and very dry.

Now you have known some little ways of determining the quality of the chain or leather wristwatch, let us discuss the engine aspects of the wristwatch.

How To Identify Fake Wristwatch
How To Identify Fake Wristwatch

Test for The Quality Of Analog Engine or Digital Engine of Wrist Watch

The next step of evaluating the wristwatch is based on the engine quality. A poor-quality engine will stop working after some time when you start using it. Here are steps of finding out the quality of any wristwatch engine:

MATERIAL: Material used in the making of the engine determines its quality. For instance, an analog engine made with plastic gears and other movable mechanisms is not the same as the one made with metal. Though the one with plastic components requires less engine power to operate which in turn means longer battery life. However, plastic engines do not stay long in service and can easily be affected by substances such as fuel, kerosene, etc. expansion over contact with such substances can stop the engine from working.  Engines made with metal can last for a lifetime, it is reliable and stable but has the disadvantage of using up power and increasing the frequency of changing the wristwatch engine battery.

MECHANISM DESIGN: the next check is the mechanism design. A complex mechanism could become a disadvantage to the engine while a simplified mechanism could become an advantage. While complex mechanism means more functionalities for the analog wristwatch, it also means more power consumption higher rate of changing the battery, and big engine size. A simple mechanism can provide a high level of stability, lesser power consumption with the disadvantage of lesser functionalities. Quality engines should be stable and durable and a simple mechanism could be the best option for it.

COIL: every analog wristwatch engine has a coil that is powering it. The coil is the main power source for the engine mechanisms. It sends pushing force to the mechanism consisting of gears in the form of rotational motion. The quality of the engine depends on the strength of the coil. If the coil is made with pure copper wire and of standard size to power the mechanisms effectively, it means good quality for the engine. If the coil is not made with quality copper and of substandard materials, it will stop working after some time.

BATTERY: though battery should not be a major consideration because it can be changed when its lifespan has been exhausted. A sign of a quality engine is an original and durable battle. If a friend bought a similar watch and complained of changing the battery after a short time of using it, then it becomes a source of concern.

How To Identify Fake Wristwatch
How To Identify Fake Wristwatch


Assuming all the methods mentioned in this post could not provide the actual information or techniques you need in shopping for a quality wristwatch, consider subscribing to my email list as we will be writing more on this topic from time to time. Your subscription will help to keep you informed. You can also use the comment section to share your experience with me.

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