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How To Have A Magnetic Personality

Have you ever wondered why some are just naturally liked than others? If ever you are curious you might have noticed without understanding why these people seem to attract others to themselves. How this people seems to know how to have a magnetic personality.

Yes, rich people seem to make friends easily, good looking people too, but i know people who are neither rich nor fine or even intelligent (intelligence is also another people puller trait. Want to learn about the others? Just read along) and yet they seem to attract others, even more than people who have all these traits and talent abound.

This makes me wonder, what in the world are these people doing differently that makes them attractive so? If it’s not the face, the heavy purses and the cute cars only, what is it that can make people take a licking at you.

For years I made my research and found out the basic ingredients of having a magnetic personality. Luckily for all of us, a magnetic personality is not something you are born with like fingerprint. It can be developed and with careful practice it can be perfected.

This post will be one of many that will deal about what these magnetic traits are and what you need to do to achieve a strong, emotionally stable personality which is attractive to both males and females, young and old people alike.

Now to my favourite question, just how do you cultivate a magnetic personality?

A Magnetic Personality, What Is It?

I watched Starship Troupers in the year 2000 or 2001 and aside the shooting and running away from the buggish enemies they were fighting, I learned a valuable lesson.

…to fight something, you have to understand it…

Relax, we are not fighting anything here.

But I used that example to buttress the point I was going to make below.

To develop a magnetic personality, you have to know what a magnetic personality is….

Makes sense?

You haven’t develop a magnetic personality all these years simply because you don’t know what it is. Now what is a magnetic personality? Let define it..

According to A person with a magnetic personality is a person with a sense of calm self-confidence and authenticity who others are drawn towards instinctively. These people are excellent listeners with the power to make anyone feel important and validated.

Quite cool.

Okay, let’s rephrase. In what I understand, a magnetic personality is a person who has the ability to draw people towards himself by naturally psychological means and make them feel better about themselves. Well that sounds to me like he is superman! Just kidding.

Well, there must be a reason why he or she is very much in demand and why everyone keep going towards them, like a moth drawn to a flame.

Reading that definition above, you can see two distant words that describes this magnetic personality

1. A sense of calm self confidence
2. Authenticity

It is there two aspects of human behaviour that leads to the development of a magnetic personality.

Traits Of A Highly Magnetic Personality

There are many traits that ensure you develop a magnetic personality. If you studied psychology you will realized there is more to this, but i have done my research and here are twenty characteristics, you need to develop for you to be irresistible attractive, personality wise.

Dress Sense

Sense of Humour








Act Of Communication






Time Consciousness






1. Dress Sense

Have you ever heard of that saying “as you dress you will be addressed” well it is true. It took me several years to fully agree to that fact but it is true. You might think hey, that’s very shallow, why should be treated or judged based on the cloths you are wearing, that’s not fair! I share or rather shared your school of thought. But we didn’t make these rules so we can’t change them either. The best we can do is use them for our own good.

First impressions lasts long and if you don’t change that crappy sense of dressing you will not attract anyone into your life. Let’s be candid, the first thing people see when they look at us is our dressing. They don’t know if we are intelligent or funny or kind or reliable. The only criteria they have to evaluate us is what we wear. So don’t blame them when they think you’re weird or even point blank crazy when you dress weird or kind of crazy, it’s the signal you sent out.

To attract people, you should dress nicely. Take a look at the man above, see how nicely he’s dressed, wouldn’t you want to introduce yourself?
That’s the power of your looks!

Invest in new beautiful clothes, be yourself, be gorgeous.

Dressing Nice

There is no exact formula of dressing nice but you only need to look at your society to see which fashion is in vogue.
A nicely dressed African man would definitely look different to a Chinese man.

You might not necessary be a fashion mogul or trend follower, but you will need to get into some nice cloths to rock. A suit is always appealing. You can also try some casuals as your society permits. No fretting only look around and you will see some nicely dressed people you will like to emulate.

Dress Right

Dressing nice is alright, but you also need to dress rightly to fit. How do you dress right, you asked? You must wear attires that fit the gathering as well as the weather. He is not dressed tightly, he who wares a suit to a beach party. Yes he is dressed nicely….but not right or appropriate. Likewise you can’t wear a sleeves less t shirt to a wedding, it doesn’t fit the occasion. How can you wear a tight turtle neck sweeter in the hot sun while wearing a basket ball jersey in the cold of winter or the highs of a mountain top. You are not dressing right.

When you dress rightly and nicely, you will see visible changes in the amount of people you attract. No kidding.

Go to go now, kids calling, I will come your way again with the rest of these wonderful ingredients of developing magnetic personality.


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