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In recent times, our world has witnessed a great increase in the level of deception. We have had to battle with tons of Ponzi schemes, internet scams, and a lot of individual fraud. Deception involves the fabrication of a scheme or an action to make an individual believe a lie. The deceiver works with a strategy that aims to drain the deceived physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

While this is sad, you will agree that most of us still fall prey to deceivers daily. But why? What exactly is the problem? The truth is we have failed to pay attention to the mistakes that made us prey to deceivers in times past.

What Mistakes Does The Deceived Make?

  • They are often captured by their insensitivity.
  • They are greedy of unimaginable gains.
  • They don’t like following due process.
  • They feel insecure and thereby gamble their options and
  • Lack confidence in themselves.

Fake business man with clipping path

How To Avoid Being Deceived?

The following tips will keep you from the net of deceivers:

  • Never be too desperate: Deceivers know that most humans are impatient. They know you need quick money, easy help, and great achievement. They know that you want to be in the spotlight, so they take advantage of your desperation and use it against you. To avoid being prey, you will have to turn your desperation into a positive drive for success, learn to give everything time, quit the rush, if you don’t get there today, you will surely get there tomorrow.
  • Appreciate the proper order: You will agree that humans like to break protocols, rules, and principles, to achieve their goal. Deceivers take advantage of the loopholes we create through our character and decisions. Since you love a shortcut, they will present a counterfeit to you that doesn’t involve too many rules and you will rush after it. To guide against deception, you will have to learn to stick to the rules, whether it’s favorable or not. Appreciate orderliness and avoid anything that doesn’t have an established order.
  • Seek relevant information before making decisions: Please don’t jump at every offer thrown at you immediately, thoroughly investigate every scheme, ask questions, check the internet for details on a job site, get to know that individual before getting into the relationship. Do your background checks properly before making any commitment.
  • Take counsels from the right people: Most times, we often talk to people when after taking wrong decisions. You should learn to seek counsel from friends and families before making a decision. Be accountable to a friend, colleague, partner, or leader.
  • Beware of pressure and unnecessary monitoring: Close monitoring and pressure are tools commonly used by deceivers. If someone proposes friendship, a business idea, or an investment platform to you and doesn’t give you time to think properly about it before making a commitment, then that person could be a suspect. Time reveals things, give your decisions time. Avoid being pressurized and don’t allow them to corner you into saying yes, because of their frequent calls or messages.
  • Observe the interest of whoever introduces anything to you: This is critical, beyond the words of the deceiver, to pay attention to his/her interests in the subject matter. If you do that closely, you will be able to spot factors that will help you decide properly.

Deception will not cease from the world we live in, rather it will keep taking on new forms, so equip yourself with the knowledge that will keep you from being prey.

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