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How To Grow And Maintain Your Natural Hair

How To Grow And Maintain Your Natural Hair

Hair is one of the major determinants of a woman’s beauty. There is nothing (absolutely nothing) that could make you happy than being blessed with this natural gift. It’s easy to know how to grow and maintain your natural hair.

While some are so engrossed in using hair extensions and other artificial things to make their hair beautiful, there are others who hair a hundred percent natural hair.

Contrary to what is being portrayed everywhere, Africans can grow very long hair (I mean very, very long like those Disney Princesses) which can be maintained. You don’t need to be a mermaid to have your long hair. Lol.

Why most African women fail is their approach, steps taking in trying to grow their hair and lack of knowledge in maintaining once its long. Although the inferiority complex of wanting a Caucasian kind of hair plays some factor, it’s only minor, it’s lack of knowledge that they could actually grow long hair and the commitment in following the course that is preventing them from getting what they desire.

Why should grow your virgin hair?
One, it is easy and two it’s healthy. All those unnaturally things used to maintain your hair can and will have side effects some of which are terrible in the long run.

Do you want to grow your naturally hair?

Hair, A Marvel Of It’s Own!

Just like you need to know a crop to cultivate it, you need to know what makes up hair and how it grows to fully understand how to grow it. Hair is not just that black or brown material growing on your head, it has deep roots and all we are seeing is a result of what is going on in the roots.

Hair is made from a fibrous protein called keratin. Every strand of hair is an interwove of three strands of this molecule. The base of the hair is buried in the dermis (that is the scalp, since we are talking about the hair on the head) where it receives nourishment to grow longer. The outer part which we see is actually dead. That’s why it doesn’t hurt when you cut your hair.

Dead is not the best word to describe them though since they still receive nourishment and grow longer. An average hair can grow for about a year and as long as six to ten inches before it falls.

The problem however about African hair is not the falling, it’s the breakage. African hair breaks so easily it’s almost impossible to “cultivate” it.

To achieve long hair, you have to give it good conditions to do so. The importance of this post is to offer ways in which we can give our hair better conditions of growth externally, internally (I mean biologically) and improving the “field” in which they grow.

Let’s Start from the internal. To fight a course, we must know where it all began.

Eat Balanced Diet!

Can you assure me categorically that you eat a balanced diet? What have you eaten today, is it a balanced diet?
How can you grow and maintain natural hair if you don’t have the necessary nutrients for making it. Remember your hair is made from keratin molecules so you’ve got to get this biological product ready for your body.

And then it’s not only keratin that guarantees the growth of long hair. You also need vitamins and minerals, substances which make your hair strong, durable and resistive to breakage.

To give your body a chance to grow long hair, you have to supply it with nutrients needed to do so. Without this all of the other things I will be saying will not work, some have followed all those instructions about brushing and shampooing their hair and yet they fail at their attempt. Some become worse.

From now all your meals should contain all six (some say seven) classes of food and in the right proportions too. You don’t need all of them for hair growth but you need to be healthy.

The Beauty Routine For Your Hair

Now we have catered for the internal by deciding to eat only balanced diet, lets go to the external routine. If you sincerely want your hair to grow, you must follow a strict schedule and routine to make it so. Hair growing like body fitness is big business, you can’t afford to slack at it.

How do you encourage your hair to grow and not break, let’s find out.

1. Wash It At Least Once A Week

Many women make outlandish styles that prevent them from washing their hair for many weeks or months. The heat and dirtiness over this period affects your hair adversary and bacteria and pathogens act on it. This leads to massive breakage, I have experienced women who lost almost a quarter of their hair after revealing themselves of a style.

How To Grow And Maintain Your Natural Hair

You can’t afford that. Make sure you  wash it every week. You can do it on the same day of the week, say Saturday. Don’t use shampoo, just normal water. You can use shampoo every two weeks.

The constant washing gives it strength, keeps it clean and annuls any bacterial attack.

2. Apply Only Natural Products

This step is key. All those artificial relaxers are harsh and though they give your hair a smooth sheen and make it fall like those Europeans that you desperately copy, it will pull out your hair one strand after the other. Artificial products are bad to grow and maintain your natural hair.

Use naturally products instead. Here is a list of some of which you can use.

1. Honey

A weekly application of honey will make your hair dark and give it strength

2. Milk

Just like honey, it works wonders too.

3. Yoghurt

This is even more useful than milk. Together with milk you will be shocked at how fast your hair will grow

4. Moringa

This plant definitely is an elixir if youth. You can make a paste from its leaves and apply it to your hair.

3. Braid Your Hair

The best style you can grow your virgin hair in is braids. If you can, never let your hair fly freely, put them in braids. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, you are in to grow your hair, not trying to win a beauty pageant.

4. Avoid Rubber Bands

Instead use a cloth, if you can use satin, it’s better. Satin doesn’t suck oil from your hair. You cannot afford to let your hair be dry. Dry hair breaks like a flake.

5. Pack Your Hair While Asleep

Don’t allow oil to be sucked out of your hair for long periods of time. Use a satin cloth to pack your hair, most other materials are good oil absorbers

6. Use Satin Pillow Case

For the same reason above, use a satin pillow case.

7. Condition Your Hair To Grow

Just like a farm needs to be ploughed, you need to co diction your hair to grow. Comb it at least twice everyday, the morning and the evening and apply a lot of oil especially to the scalp.

This helps soften it and give the hair more leverage to grow.

Now You Know

Do you still want to grow or maintain your natural hair, try this tips today and you will see good results.

Shisdulo 😁








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