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How To Get UI for your Website, Why You Need It

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There are many reasons for developing the UI design of your site. You can compare it to a beautiful dish. If the dressing is neat, we will immediately want to eat it. On the other hand, if this one looks questionable, no one will want to take a bite. 

Tell yourself that for the UI of your site, it’s the same. The visual represents your company and the graphic content of your site allows to release an atmosphere and emotions to the user. 

You can easily provide positive emotions to your user by making it easier to navigate your platform or by making the content they need available. 

The goal is to make your visitor feel that you share the same values ​​as him, that you want to help him and that he can trust you. And that goes through the choice of typography, color and the location of your features.

What is a successful UI?

For your interface to be beautiful and functional, it is important to be consistent across all the pages of your site. Because, what could be more disturbing than colours or a typography that changes on each page? 

Be simple, don’t make your site a color palette, it might lose your user. Make it beautiful, simple, and effective. You can establish with your teams a graphic charter (which will reference the rules for using graphic signs) and an editorial charter (a document that ensures the consistency and quality of your project).

The realization of these charters makes it possible to put all the stakeholders in line with the visual objective of the project.

The most important thing is to know your target well. For your UI to be successful, you must match the graphical elements with the expectations of your users, your interface must be intuitive and easy to understand for it to have the best possible experience. 

Keep in mind that you must, through your interface, seduce your visitor. To seduce him, the development of UI design will of course not be enough, it will have to be coupled with the design of a user journey and features in line with your promise. 

User experience or UX is also a key factor for the success of your project. The ux and ui designs are two interconnected followers that help meet the needs of your target audience.

Let’s stay on the principle of the user interface, the UI. To better understand what a successful UI stands for, here are some examples: 

How to design a good UI design?

For your user interface, we have listed the steps to achieve a quality UI design.

Get to know your users

UI design focuses on the visual aspect and ergonomics of your site with one objective: to provoke emotion. So before you jump body and soul into the UI design of your site, come back to the basics, your users. 

You can help yourself by creating personas, to know the average age of your target, the sex and especially to determine their expectations. 

This will allow you to have enough elements to put yourself in your customer’s shoes to meet their needs with an interface that will give them confidence.


Draw wireframes

Wireframes are functional mockups , in black and white or color, which allow you to define the location of the content essential to your platform. The objective in the realization of wireframe is to prioritize the information and to structure the user interface. 

This overview is essential to avoid making mistakes in the placement of the various graphic elements.

One of the big mistakes in UI design is trying to put too much. Too much information and too much content will overload your page and make it unreadable for your visitor, who does not know where to look. Just ask yourself: what should my visitor see first?

Positive emotion is the best selling technique

UI design seeks to arouse emotion in your user. The goal is for them to be happy browsing your app or app. We try at all costs to avoid annoyance or frustration.  

How to annoy your user? It is very simple ! Put pop-ups in all directions, a too long loading time, too flashy colors or the use of too directive verbs and bingo, your visitor will never come back. 

Your interface must allow the user to feel in his element, explain why he can download this document, why your newsletter is great etc. Seek to accompany the user rather than trying to direct him. 

Beware of overly stylized animations

Simplicity is the key when talking about content, it is also the case in the animation of your pages. 

Animations help guide the user and ventilate your content. When done well they are very attractive, but don’t overdo it.


Finding the typography that best matches your project is not easy. Your typography reflects your brand and plays an important role in conveying your message, because depending on the style of writing, the message can be interpreted differently depending on the target. 

Besides style, size is also very important. Reading must be possible without difficulty on all media. Your texts must be able to adapt to screens and be ventilated for smooth reading.

A little advice from the house: use 2, see 3 different typographies.

The choice of colours

Depending on our age, our environment and our aspirations, we are more sensitive to certain colors. Study your target well to know which colours will appeal. 

For example, we know that young people are often more sensitive to bright colors. Think about your target audience and the messages you want to get across. To help you, you can use a color wheel, this will allow you to stay consistent in the choice of your colours.


Have a common thread

Writing a graphic charter or an editorial charter is important to ensure that you don’t get lost when developing your platform. 

In addition to the beauty of your site, keep in mind that your interface must be ergonomic and the user must be able to navigate easily in all your content.

To summarize, you must remember that the UI corresponds to the entire visual part of your site.

The interface of your application or your website is an element that you should not neglect because the interface allows the user to feel confident on your platform. A beautiful interface will make it easier for you to convert your visitors into consumers. 

In the design of your product you must also take into account the journey of your user. The UI and the UX are intimately connected and are key elements in successfully designing your platform. 

But if there is one thing to understand and remember it is to always work and design according to the needs of your target. Whether for the interface or the user journey, they must both meet the expectations of your customers. 

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