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Stretch marks are scars that form when the skin stretches, causing the elastic and collagen fibers of the organ to be destroyed. They are found on the breasts, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and butt. The causes are varied, and the main ones include pregnancy, rapid growth, weight gain and placement of silicone prostheses. Because it causes discomfort in many people, it is important to know how to get white stretch marks to alleviate the problem. The various types of aesthetic treatments have the function of stimulating the underlying collagen tissue, making it more like the skin. The results depend on the location of the individual’s striae and organism, as well as the thickness and width of the scars.

In this post, we will show you four methods that help eliminate white streaks. Check out! What is the difference between white streak and red streak? There are two types of stretch marks, red and white. Both are caused by the same reason, the distension of the skin. The main difference between them is the stage they are at. The tissue fibers of the skin initially break and become red as a result of an inflammatory phase. After that, it becomes whiter and healed, so the aspect changes.

The main features and differences include: red streaks: in their initial phase, they are purplish or reddish and gradually take on a whitish color. They have an intense blood circulation in the area, inflammation, collagen fibers that are broken and are easier to be eliminated because they are in an early stage; Its color is white because the melanocytes are located in this layer that was lost on the skin where the streak occurred. In general, they are more difficult to eliminate.



  1. Keep a good diet


Stretch marks can appear at any time in life, but they can be alleviated with the consumption of antioxidant foods. To combat them, it is recommended to include vitamins, which are essential for skin health.

The main ones include:

Vitamin A: it is responsible for the formation of new cells, being very important for the rejuvenation process. The main sources are pumpkin, carrot, cabbage, peppers, egg and papaya.

Vitamin C: this vitamin participates in the production of collagen, a protein that helps to give firmness and support to the skin, which helps in preventing stretch marks. It can be found in citrus fruits such as acerola, orange, tangerine, guava and strawberry.

Vitamin E: this type of vitamin has antioxidant properties, which prevents premature aging. It improves healing and can increase the firmness of the skin, since it also participates in the production of collagen. The main sources include vegetable oils, wheat germ, almonds, among others.


  1. Practice physical exercises


The practice of regular physical exercises can make the skin firmer, decreasing the chances of fiber breakage. The main activities that can be done are:

walking: it requires a lot of the lower limbs, keeping them active, which prevents the appearance of new stretch marks and reduces the existing ones; squat: works the hips, abdomen, buttocks and thighs, preventing and treating the dreaded stretch marks; abdominals: this type of exercise keeps the abdominal area active.

Those who do not have stretch marks on their bellies should also perform the activity to prevent its onset, especially for women who wish to become pregnant.


  1. Get aesthetic treatments


Unlike cellulite, white stretch marks are difficult to treat. However, there are several aesthetic treatments that aim to eliminate it. Check out the main ones below.

Striort is an orthomolecular, non-invasive and pain-free procedure that helps to stimulate cell renewal and collagen production. The method is based on a vacuum device, in combination with lotions that have orthomolecular principles and, when they are passed in the dermis, they take the blood to the surface, which stimulates the passage of the blood stream to the area again. The sessions are held at an interval of 30 days. The postoperative period is guided by the doctor, but it is very important to use products that stimulate local healing and cell regeneration for a good result.

  • Carboxytherapy Carboxitherapy is a very suitable treatment for white stretch marks, as it provides skin regeneration and reorganizes the elastin and collagen fibers, leaving the dermis smooth and uniform. The technique consists of injecting medicinal carbon dioxide under the skin, causing it to stretch. The result of micro lesions is the formation of more collagen and molecules that facilitate skin repair effectively.
  • Peeling: Peeling consists of the application of acid in a more concentrated way on the region with stretch marks. After application at the beauty clinic, the acid needs to remain on the skin for about eight hours, then being removed by the person in the bath. The treatment works for any type of stretch mark, but it is necessary to combine it with another treatment, such as diamond or crystal peeling, which promotes a local exfoliation.
  1. Use specific creams The use of specific creams for stretch marks helps in the reorganization of collagen fibers, decreasing the amount and its appearance. Therefore, the ideal is to opt for some types, such as retinoic acid, which improves the production of collagen, making the skin firmer and reducing the length and thickness of the fibers. Another option is rosehip oil, as it has a regenerating effect on the skin, in addition to containing fatty acids, such as oleic acid, which contribute to the strengthening of the synthesis of elastin and collagen. Cameline oil can also be used, as it has omega 3, which reinforces the smoothness and elasticity of the skin, reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

If you didn’t know the tips on how to get white stretch marks, know that you need to change some daily habits and perform aesthetic procedures. So, remember to keep a good diet, practice physical exercises and opt for treatments that can in fact significantly reduce your appearance.

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