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Sometimes, situations may require that we get a US number in Nigeria just for the purpose of carrying out some online transactions/registrations. Like registering for Amazon affiliate programs, click bank affiliate programs, and lots more.

Sometimes we just need to have a US number to access some free features of some apps or just for the fun of it. Someone may decide to have a US number just to trick friends of a false trip to the United States. There is vita reason why you may need a US number outside the United States.

However, despite the importance, the US number is not easily gotten, most platforms like Skype can online give a US number after paying for it for a specific period of time. While some can promise you a free US phone number just to patronize their service.

This post will provide the options available when looking for where to get free United States numbers (+1) at no financial cost to you.

Here are options available for you;


TextPlus App

TextPlus application had been a popular app when it comes to getting free US numbers. The app has premium and free accounts. Each of the accounts will give you a free US number however the use of the number will be restricted to certain features in the free account.

The app enables you to make calls to any US number, text messages to US numbers and can be used for any mobile number verification purposes.



Just like others, Telos is another popular application available for all mobile devices that can give you instant US numbers with small charges. The app does not issue free US numbers rather it gives a US number at a very cheap rate. Your US number will be given to you once you make payment through the app. To use this, all you need is to install it on your mobile device and download a VPN to cloak your location, then signup for an account in the app.

Afterward, select your preferred plan and proceed to make a payment for the US number issued to you.



TextNow app is another unique application software that can offer free US numbers to Nigerians. The app can be installed on any device. It has higher security that protects bypassing of VPN. To get a free US number using TextNow, download and install the app on your phone. Use a good VPN for your location IP, then signup for an account in the app. Afterward, click on the ‘Get A free phone Number’ icon. Your free US number will be issued to you based on the location of your device as revealed by the VPN.

Country code is a website-based US number generating platform that enables Nigerians to get US numbers for their business. To use this platform;

Visit country code website @

Select your country like Nigeria and put your old number.  You will need to read the instructions for dialing.

Select the trial version which is available for 30 days without charges. This will help you to understand how the platform works. After 30days of using the country code’s US number, you can opt for the paid version of the service if you are satisfied with the free version.

This is a website-based free US number issuing platform that can provide free US numbers to anyone including Nigerians. To use this website service, do the following;

Visit and create a free account, verify your email address,

Accept the terms and conditions of the website,

Then click on the ‘My CallCentric’ button, copy out the unique number assigned to you that starts with 1777

Then visit while on the website page, choose SIP as your preferred account type, then choose your USA Area Code of the number you want to use. Choose the hostname as

Drop your email address and password. The website will send an automatic email containing your free US number.


Groove IP App

Groove IP is application software that can permit you to generate a virtual American Phone Number in Nigeria without charges.  To use Groove IP free number effectively, you must come from the United States or you have the option of using a VPN to get a U.S. IP.

The number issued to you can be used for encrypted phone calls and text messages. Besides that, it can still be used for transactions that require US number without giving problems.


Vyke App

This is an effective app for SMS. It permits users to send and receive unlimited USA text messages, voice, pictures, and video messages, etc. the messages can be sent to any USA number and other countries’ number. To use Vyke, you need to download and install it on your phone, launch the application on your phone and register for an account. You will use your original Nigeria phone number to register for the Vyke app.



Primo is an Android-based app that permits Android phones to get free virtual USA numbers by registering for an account with their details. The app will require the phone user to enter the old phone number and verify it before receiving an international number (usually a US number).

Using Primo is very simple. All you need is to download it from your Play Store and install it on your android phone. Then launch it and create an account using your Nigeria phone number.



Hushed is an application available for iPhone and Android phone users. It helps Nigerians to get virtual US numbers easily. Hushed can also help you to generate multiple US numbers that can be used to make calls and text messages.

Visit Google Play store if you are using android or App store if you are using iPhone

Download the Hushed app and install it. Launch it on your phone and start generating US numbers.



If you are looking for an efficient app that can change your Nigeria Number to a US number without changing the SIM card, I think Voxox can be a good option.

The US number can be issued at no cost and you can use it to make calls and send SMS.

Visit App Store or Google Play store to download Voxox app.

Install it and launch it on your phone. They start creating free US numbers for calls and text messages.


GoHeyWire App

GoHeyWire is an application that you can download into your mobile phone, register an account for free and receive a U.S. number that can enable you to receive a text and send a text. The person receiving the text message may not have a GoHeyWire account. In other words, the message from the app will go directly to the receiver’s normal phone.

The app equally allows you to send instant voice messages, post instant voice messages directly to Twitter (voice tweets), and lots more.



SendHub is another popular app that can provide free US numbers to Nigerians. The app is available on iTunes and Google Play Store.  It is a good option for those intending to be sending bulk SMS to business contacts.

It offers a unique messaging system that can be received by any number.  Before using SendHub, you will need to provide the US or Canadian mobile number for verification. This implies you cannot use SendHub alone rather you have to download and install other apps that can give you a free US number which you will use for the verification of the app during authentication.

Another good platform that can issue you a US number for calls and messaging is the Virtual Phone. If you visit you can be able to get a US number. The website supplies tool-free USA numbers in over 120 countries that enable users to receive international calls from Nigeria, the US, and other locations.

The free version has a limited number of days. You will be required to pay for the premium service to keep your trial US number permanently as yours.



This is an Android and iPhones application that allows you to make cheap and free calls across over 200 countries. The app enables you to save money through its cheap charges for foreign calls and text messages without any roaming charges.

With the TalkU application, you can record any international call and equally make conference calls that can be up to 8 people even those outside the USA.

Ring Central helps business owners to get US numbers that can clients and staff all over the world.  It is a website-based service that is very fast and effective.

Visit, choose the service option from the price list, and register with your details, and create an account. Your US number will be issued to you instantly.


Phoner App

This app provides you with privacy by issuing a second US number or multiple US numbers that can be used for free voice calls and text messages across any location in the world.

Download and install Phoner App through your device’s play store and use it to get any amount of US number you want.



Nextiva is another website-based service that provides US numbers to individuals and business entities making it easy to keep track of clients across countries and within the country. This service can help any Nigerian to get a US number for calls and SMS.

Visit, open the “Get Started” button, select the business phone type and opt to reserve the number given to you. Afterward, you are free to use the US number.



Numflix is an iOS smartphone app that is meant to provide foreign numbers without wasting time. The moment the app is launched on your phone with few clicks you will get your US number for calls and messages.

Note that only iOS smartphones can use this app.

This is a website application that helps people outside the United States to get US numbers that can be used for calls, video conferencing, messages, etc. however, the US number is not free but it has a free trial service that enables to test of the functionalities of the US number.

You can try the platform by;


Select the trial mode and obtain a free US number. When the trial period elapses, you can decide to either pay for the US number or not.

Blacktel is a website-based service that enables Nigerians to generate free USA numbers by simply visiting,

Blacktel provides free US numbers to Nigerians that can be used for calls, SMS, etc. there are already virtual US numbers in the website that you can buy or you can create a new one that is free.

Visit www.blacktel.oi without signing up for an account, fill the forms on the website page, verify your Nigeria number, and submit to generate your own new USA number.


Fresh Caller

Fresh caller is a website service that makes it easy to generate instant US numbers. Visit, register for an account, and generate your own free USA number.


Wabi App

Download Wabi App from your Google play store

After installation, launch the App and register an account with your details as well as your current Nigeria phone number, then submit the account.

Your free US number will be sent to you after verifying your account.


Google Voice Number

To get a free US mobile number using Google Voice Number, you will need to create a Google Voice account. Because the service is not available in every country, you can use TextPlus or HeyWire app to get a US number and use the number to create the Google Voice number which will help you make and receive calls using the hangouts app besides that, you can also use the number to make international calls over the internet.




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