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Using Etisalat Network can be very interesting because it offers you lots of options for different services. You stay connected online and make calls even if you run out of airtime. This can be possible through this option to borrow money from the network whenever you run out of airtime.

There are millions of 9Mobile users across Nigeria and every one of the customers has access to free services offered by the telecommunication network which is not limited to borrowing airtime alone, you can borrow data and transfer airtime, and lots more.

Though 9Mobile may not be as big as the three giant telecommunication companies in Nigeria (MTN, Airtel, and Glo), the company is really making an impact in satisfying customers and making their services easy for anyone using their network.  Some of the common and free services from Etisalat may be shown on the related posts sections of this page.

Now let us discuss another free service from the 9Mobile network which is borrowing airtime.



9Mobile formerly known as Etisalat has a free service that allows subscribers to borrow money anytime and at any location. This service ensures you are able to make calls or access the internet in an emergency situation.

However, this service requires the customer to attain a particular level of patronage. In other words, you need to qualify for it.

Qualifying for the borrowing of airtime requires you to maintain a consistent amount or a specific amount of airtime consumption in a month or a week. That amount of consumption will determine the limit of airtime you can borrow.

In a clear term, if your monthly airtime consumption is N1000 your limit of airtime you can borrow will be higher than another subscriber whose monthly consumption is N500. Based on percentage and proper calculations, if your monthly airtime consumption is not up to the amount of the least that can be borrowed, it means you are not eligible to borrow airtime in an emergency situation.

The above explanation meant you need to step up your monthly airtime consumption to be eligible to borrow in the 9Mobile network.




Sometimes you may find it difficult to know how much you spent on calls and data monthly therefore cannot know if you are eligible to borrow money or not. You can cut the long process of assumptions by dialling these codes *665*3# you will receive a text message telling you if you are eligible or not.

If the option of dialling the code did not work, you can try the next option which is to send a message to 665. Open your message app and type new message ‘STATUS’ then type ‘665’ in the receiver number and send. Shortly you will receive a message telling the status of your 9mobile number whether you are eligible to borrow airtime or not.



If you are lucky to be eligible, then you can continue reading to learn how to borrow the airtime.

After reading the confirmed eligibility message, open your phone app and dial *665* Amount you want to borrow#. Let us assume you want to borrow N100 from 9Mobile, all you need to do is dial *665*100# and send afterwards a credit alert message will be sent to your phone.

This service is easy, fast, and efficient. You can borrow an airtime loan in just a few minutes or seconds. Though this service is free, you will be charged a loan fee of 15% of any amount you borrowed. For example from the N100 you borrowed, N85 will be given to you. N15 will be the interest of the N100 loan given to you. So use this percentage to know how much will be cut on any amount you borrowed.







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