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How to Have A Smooth Flawless Skin

How to Have A Smooth Flawless Skin

One of the beautiful things of our youth is having a smooth and flawless skin. It is one of the factors that determines how beautiful a person is and if you ever want to be or feel pretty, there is a need to know how to have a smooth and flawless skin.

Smooth skin (as you might have understood) is not a result of chance though, it is the product of conscious habits cutting across, diet, exercise, treatment and appropriate rest too. To have a smooth, flawless skin is to be familiar with routines when practised regularly, results in the desired end.

Models and actors know the importance of this, they have to appear well for their audience. Musicians and Presenters know this too, looking haggard on T.V is certainly not something viewers warm up to.

But this circle is not closed to only show men and women, if you want to have smooth flawless skin, you can’t wish it on yourself. You have to set real goals and do what you must to achieve your aim. Just how do you have a smooth flawless skin? Let’s find out.

Know The Kind Of Skin You Have

They are many types of skins. One criteria used for grading is the oil scale. Skin can range from crispy dry to sumptuous oily. If your skin is dry, more effort is needed to maintain a uniform sheen.

The major reason for breaking of skin is scaliness. When your skin is naturally dry, it needs to be made oily. For the oily skin, too much oil is also detrimental. When skin is too oily, steps must be taken to cut back some.

Smooth, flawless skin is one that has optimum oiling, you must know which kind of skin you have to control it effectively. All the tips in this post are directly at controlling your skin’s oil or working towards its integrity. There are two ways to control the glossiness of your skin which are:

  • External Treatment
  • Internal Treatment

External Treatment

Like I said earlier, having a smooth skin involves controlling the oil in your skin. How can you do that externally?

1. Bathe, At least Twice

There is nothing so important to your skin like taking your bath. The skin is like a suit with many pores through which air diffuses in and out. If these pores are clogged, it can damage its integrity. Bathing removes sweat, dirt and bacteria and unclog these pores.

Do you have to necessarily bath twice daily? Yes. In the morning you took your bath and unclog those pores. But then you went on your business, you worked, you sweat and interacted with other people. The skin is dirty again. Failing to remove this by bathing in the evening will lead to skin damage. Bathe  regularly, bathe with soap and water, don’t ever go to bed without doing this.

2. Use Moisturising Creams

Moisturizing creams, as the name implies are creams that add moisture to a cracking (from being scaly) skin. They function in reintroducing the needed oil into a flaky skin.

No matter which kind of skin you have, you need a moisturizing skin. A lot of T.V commercials promise a lot if you use their skin products, but you should get one that is subtable for your skin. Before choosing a product, you should see a dermatologist, skin allergies are the last thing you need.

Don’t use a hair cream for your skin. Hair products are different from skin products chemically. Don’t use bleaching creams. Those products tamper with the mechanism with which your skin functions. Although it promises a lot initially but it will definitely have dire consequences. Get a suitable cream, you need it.

How to get a skin that is smooth and flawless

3. Natural Products

There are some natural products that can also help your skin. Foods such as honey and olive oil can help smoothen your skin. Mix the honey in appropriate water and apply to every part of your skin, especially your face.

Wash off when it is dried, this will add flexibility and strength to your skin. Olive oil helps your fingernails. Soak the tips of your nails in a bowl of olive oil for about twenty minutes, make sure the oil seeps into the white of your nails. Wash afterwards.

You can also apply the olive oil to your skin, works brilliantly for dry flaky skin. Lemon juice and tomatoes are also natural skin cleanser, they remove skin blemish, scars, pimples and acne.

Internal Treatment

Biochemically, the major building blocks for your skin are alpha keratin, collagen and melanin (which determines your skin colour). Eating foods that are rich in these will ensure the formation of new cells that are required for skin health.

The more of these food you eat, the smoother and healthier your skin will look. The following are some foods that are rich in carotenes.

1. Apples

Ever heard of the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” .Well it is absolutely true. Apples are rich in flavonoids and carotenoids which are required for building skin cells. They also have high fibre content.

Eating Apples will help with your immune system making it stronger to combat pathogens. Apples will indeed keep all doctors away, the dermatologist included.

2. Carrots

This is another wonderful food! Do you know in ancient China, carrots was cultivated as medicine and not food?

This is because it gives a lot of energy, fights diseases and like apples strengthens the immune system. Carrots are brilliant for your eyes, wonderful for your skin. To get perfect results, eat raw or blend with slices of apples or cucumber, drink the juice. You will be surprised how pleasant your skin will look in a month!

3. Milk

What is white and creamy and produced by in a dairy farm? The answer is milk. Like carrots and apples, milk is rich in essential vitamins and minerals (28 of them) that are responsible for repair of skin building, repair and optimization.

Milk is very cheap and yet very nourishing. Cut back on the beer and instead take some milk, drink milk regularly and what you gain is a beautiful, glossy, flawless skin.

4. Garlic

Don’t like the taste or smell of garlic? No problem, I don’t like it too, but garlic are essentially for your skin. Overlook the smell, success is never achieved without sacrifice.

5. Cucumber

This fruit is made of 95% water, the other five percent is essential vitamins and minerals. You can eat them raw or blend it to paste, your choice.

6. Oils

Be it palm oil or coconut oil, oils are also good for your skin. Oils are rich in vitamin A (retinol) and fatty acids which helps to moisturise your skin internally.

7. Water

Are you surprised this is on our list, don’t be! Water is nature’s elixir that we cannot do without. Drink at least 5 litres daily. Having enough water in your skin will make it remove clogging dirt and give you that wonderful uniformity you desire.


Now You Know

Things that make our skin glow are right within our reach. There is no excuse for dry flaky skin. Now you know the secret of smooth flawless skin, why don’t you start now?

Shisdulo 😁



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