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How to Get a NAFDAC Number For Your Product

NAFDAC number Registration

I remember the destruction of fake drugs in Nigeria, especially in Onitsha during the time of the late Dr. Dora Akunyili as DG of NAFDAC.

Many lost their source of livelihood but it saved the lives of millions of Nigerians who would have taken those drugs and nobody knew what would happen.

So to avoid your product being seen as a fake one by NAFDAC, there’s a need to get it registered. And it is an easy task to do and that’s if you know what is expected of you.

And in today’s post, we will be discussing that because a lot of people find it so difficult to do that by themselves. As a result, they have been scammed of their hard-earned money by so-called agents.

What are the products that need to get this number? They include all consumable products.

So as an importer or producer of any product you need a NAFDAC number to operate here in Nigeria.

Having said that, let’s dive in to learn more.

What is NAFDAC

NAFDAC means National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control. In every country, there is a body that controls the production of food and drugs. And here in Nigeria, NAFDAC is the body in charge of that.

So this means, it’s a criminal offense for anyone to produce or sell any consumable product without the consent of NAFDAC. And the consciousness has been built in us not to trust any product without a NAFDAC number no matter how good it is.

That’s the way the government wages war against fake products in Nigeria.

So if you want to venture into this line of business, first get a NAFDAC number before you launch out.

NAFDAC number Registration
NAFDAC number Registration

Requirements of Getting a NAFDAC Number

As an agency that regulates Nigeria’s consumable products. You are expected to submit some documents to be able to get a NAFDAC number and it doesn’t matter if the product is produced here in Nigeria or is imported.

This is the only way to get the NAFDAC number and this will take us to the requirements of getting a NAFDAC number. But first, let’s understand this, all products to be registered is classified under the following two categories majorly:

  • Drug-based product
  • And food-based based products

To get a NAFDAC number for a food-based product you need the following:

  • CAC certificate
  • NAFDAC certificate of recognition
  • Result of your samples’ analysis
  • Trademark certificate
  • A letter addressed to the director

To get a NAFDAC number for a drug-based product you need the following:

  • CAC certificate
  • Pharmaceutical certificate
  • Samples for analysis
  • Power of attorney from the manufacturer (that’s for imported products)
  • NAFDAC application form
  • Manufacturer’s invitation letter for factory inspection abroad

Other requirements include the following:

  • License to distribute and sell the imported product. Showing a contravention of food and drug law in the manufacturer’s country
  • Authorized permit to import samples for analysis to know if the product is good for consumption
  • A signed power of attorney from the manufacturer to you
  • Proof of residence

Registration Process

First, understand that the requirement for Nigerian-made products is a bit different from the imported products.

Second, the NAFDAC number is only for one product, this means that you can’t use one NAFDAC number for two separate products.

Now the question is, how do you get a NAFDAC number?

The answer to the question is the reason behind this article. So follow these steps:

1. Walk into any of the NAFDAC zonal offices around you and get an appointment for them to come and inspect your factory. After your factory must have inspected, you will ask to submit your product for lab analysis.

If the result of the lab analysis is good, a certificate that recognizes you as a manufacturer will be given to you.

2. Next, you will complete some registration NAFDAC forms. However, understand you will only use this form to register one product.

3. This stage, you will write an application letter to them stating your desire for them to register your product.

In this letter, you will provide details, which include your name, product name (e.g. biscuit), and brand name (e.g. ABC Sweet Biscuit).

You will address the letter to the director of NAFDAC. However, I recommend you visit their site for more information.

You need to understand that this letter will be submitted with your form together as well as other required documents.

4. A certificate will be issued to you as well as a NAFDAC number for your product. This will only be possible if the registration is successful.


Now I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Which steps or requirements from this post will take first?

Or probably I didn’t mention one step you were expecting from the post.

Anyway, let me know by dropping your comment in the box below.

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