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How to Get A Life’s Goal

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Not having a plan in life can become a real difficulty as you progress. It’s about envisioning a future and projecting ourselves into a future that makes us want to surpass ourselves every day. 

The problem is that when you have no purpose in life, there is no stimulation. As time goes by, your daily motivation fades and it ripples through everything around you. And if you no longer have a professional desire, you also risk losing your personal desire

This can therefore impact your morale and end up making you lose all hope of being happy. You are no longer the actor of your own life. In this article, I explain how to create a personal project that suits you and always keep your motivation on top!

Not having a project in life, why is it impossible?

In life, everyone has their own dreams. Since we were children, there has been a pressure that revolves around everyone having to have a defined ambition from an early age. It is obvious for some and much less for others.

Whether it is within your family, your children, your work, your friends, everyone has their own ambitions in life. 

What very few people know is that it is not always the same type of goal. For some, it may just be about starting a family and having lots of kids. For others, it’s a professional goal and a dream.

The only difference is that some people need more time than others to find themselves and understand what excites them in life.

What is it to have a life plan?

Today I would like to clarify what the notion of dream is. The sole purpose of carrying out your projects is to be happy.

According to the definition of this term, it is a “state of complete satisfaction characterized by its stability and its durability”.

Today, there is a certain vision of success that is similar to the saying “work more to earn more”. This not always the case.

One of my coaches for example, has a happy marriage, many children, a very good financial situation and excellent health. 

By working more, he was able to support himself and his family. But it is not however that today, he feels fulfilled. On the contrary, he no longer has any energy to continue. 

As a result, he decided to completely reorient himself to now do what he had always dreamed of.

By setting new goals, he now manages to surpass himself on a daily basis. He has finally managed to find his ultimate goal and, even if his salary is much lower than before, he sees his future mapped out. From now on, his vision is rather “to work better, to go further”.

How To Be Productive Daily
How To Be Productive Daily

Finding a project should not be held back by failures

Just because a project fails doesn’t necessarily mean you have to convince yourself that you’re going to spend the rest of your life without a plan.

If you say to yourself “I don’t have a plan in life ”, it may be that you simply haven’t found the one that excites you yet. But one thing you should know is that this is not a problem in any way.

Someone who thinks it’s a problem will move on to a new project just to be successful without actually being fulfilled. 

In most cases, this kind of decision leads to failure because without personal motivation , it is difficult to maintain solid energy and therefore achieve your goals.

We all move forward differently in life, it is what pushes us to meet failures and successes.

They allow you to specify a little more on a daily basis, the life path that you are aiming for. The only difference is how you get up. You may accumulate failures, if this project is part of your reasons for being, you will quickly regain your courage to do better.

When you give up, it’s because ultimately, the energy is not present, and therefore neither is the interest.

I have experienced some defeats, but the answer lies in determination.

Today, perhaps without his failures I wouldn’t have several international coaching firms. It is above all a question of mind, and ambition!

How to define your life project?

Every person has goals whether consciously or unconsciously. When you cannot have this vision, psychology can sometimes become surprising and offer you the possibility of living this revelation. 

There may be triggers such as the death of parents, the end of your relationship or the loss of your job. There may be a click that will help you understand what you really want and what life projects await you.

On the other hand, if you don’t want something negative to happen to start living the life you’re meant to, here are some exercises that can help you find your way.

1. Stop thinking negatively, develop positive thinking

At first, you should no longer say to yourself “ I have no goal in life ”, but rather “ I haven’t found my way yet, but it will come ”. You know, this may seem old to you, but positive thoughts attract positive. It’s a whole state of mind that gives you more strength and courage to dare.

Maybe until now you never had the confidence to try new things. Perhaps your dreams have seemed unattainable, too idealistic or perhaps too ambitious until today.

All you need is a little nudge. By starting out with a strong mindset and without any fear , you will have more courage to take action.

2. Find your true purpose and definition of success

It is possible that by looking for yourself too much and wanting to find out what your life project is , you have lost yourselves. It is by seeing too broadly that we finally forget what is under our nose. You may need to focus on your true horizon, that of your destiny .

For this, you need to take time for yourself and above all a certain perspective.

I advice you to delve into their past to find the flaw that caused this fear of success. 

Many manage to unlock their unconscious by discovering dreams or goals that they have never been able to achieve.

Perhaps a love story that touched you? A link with a fragile health of one of your parents who reached you? A traumatic first job?

Taking a trip down memory lane will allow you to understand who you really are and what lies deep within your heart.

3. Know your strengths


To get a clearer idea of ​​the different types of projects that could be part of your personality, you can do a written exercise. 

Write down all the qualities that have allowed you to evolve in recent years. To do this, you can ask yourself the right questions:

What can I do? What are my best skills?

What type of person am I? What do I like? What has always appealed to me since I was a child? What were my best encounters?

What has never bored or bored me?

What are my qualities and strengths? What do I like to do? What don’t I mind doing?

What areas interest me? What are my strengths and weaknesses?

Am I a relationship lover? Who is more lonely? Who likes to move and travel?

As a result, you will be able to build the general impression you have of yourself. Even within your entourage, it is important to situate yourself in your professional and social sphere. For example, you could ask yourself if your couple gives you strength.

4. Become aware of what does not interest you

In some cases, it may also be effective to perform the reverse situation. Always in writing, it can be interesting to list the things that you fear , that do not attract you at all or that you hate doing. Once again, I invite you to ask yourself the right questions:

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