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Are you a type that fidget when you see a lady you are attracted to, or are you among the category of guys ladies refer to as weakling? Well, this should be your solution center if you would read up to the end of this article and put to practice what you read.

Asking a lady out on a date can be a daunting task to most guys but you do not have to worry anymore. This article is meant to teach you how to attract a lady, win her attention, walk up to her, create a conversation and get her to go on a date with you all at an instance.

To be able to win your dream girl, you should keep in mind that the bulk of the work lies on you. A lady is totally without any responsibility in the process of going on a date; she is more like a critique of your actions and performance. What you do and say can either make or mar your ambition of getting her. Since the ball is your court, it is very necessary to know yourself first before attempting to know an intelligent being as a woman. These simple steps will assist you get started.

  1. The wow! Behavior to attract and win her attention.
  • Build yourself psychologically to read the temperament of others.

At the very instance you start to read the temperament of another persons, then you are close to success in life generally, but our concern is to be able to read the temperament of the lady you are attracted to not of the whole world. Make sure you know exactly who she is and her tendency of behavior. This will save you the embarrassment of being ignored or shouted at when talking to her.

  • Be the solution and answer to her need.

Being solution and answer to her need doesn’t mean in terms of finance. As a matter of fact, no serious lady would want to take you serious if you start off by showing that you have much to spend in an extravagant way. All she will do is keep you aside and consider you her ATM and I know you don’t want that to happen. Be the solution and answer to her need means you should possess something she do not have. The first thing is masculinity. No lady would want to be with a fellow lady unless she is gay; so behaving as a proper man is what captures lades attention faster.

  • Be an opposite of her.

Being opposite of a lady doesn’t mean you should antagonize her; it simply means you should be a complement of her. Since you have studied the lady’s temperament and know what type of person she is, try to be a complement. This will convince her that you are meant for each other. If you find out that she is extroverted, be introvert and if you find out that she is a phlegmatic, b a sanguine and so on. Do now that it is most dangerous to pretend about yourself though… sooner or later, she is bound to find out who you really are. So while being the opposite of her, don’t pretend too much.

  • Be mature and never try to impress her.

Most guys who try to impress a lady ends up losing them to those who doesn’t care to show a sight of attraction to the lady. Maintain a neutral ground and be calm even if she is not talking to you but doing that mostly with some other guy. Behaving this way will prove that you don’t feel insecure and will be strong enough never to project any signs of insecurity when she is with you.

2. Walking up to your dream lady to create a conversation.

  • Be confident of what you are going to say and be courageous in both your walking steps and tone of speaking.

Being confident and courageous doesn’t mean that you should be prideful. Ladies themselves are full of pride, thus, they hate anyone who is coming to compete with them over a certain behavior.

  • Be highly comfortable when you are speaking.

Once you fidget when you are speaking, know that you have lost half of your scores. Once a lady knows she is being approached, she puts on a shell and acts that are meant to strip you of your confidence and comfort. The trick is to never give-in, rather, make her feel uncomfortable. That will definitely win you her heart. Do this politely and gently as a gentle man and do not embarrass her, unless, you be her soul enemy.

  • Assure a lady of her safety.

All that ladies ever wanted is safety. Safety from danger, safety from financial insecurity, and safety from what they don’t even know or imagined. Once a woman knows that she can be safe with you, there is absolutely nothing that will stop her from being with you. Most ladies turn down dating offer not because they don’t want to hangout but because they are not sure of their safety.  A lady might be dating you for a very long period of time and all of a sudden, she doesn’t want to see you anymore and you start to wonder what you have done. In case you don’t know, she just don’t feel secure with you anymore. Be it her emotion or her physical self feels threaten around you, but the status quo changes with those who still go for dates. It will be a shocker for you to know that they don’t go for those dates for the surprise meals or movies, fun and all that, they go out because they feel they have a shield and unless you be one for your dream girl, she won’t agree to go on a date with you.

3. Popping out the “would you like on go on a date” Question.

  • Ladies like acting tough; act as if you are vulnerable.

It is in the gene of ladies as we said earlier to behave in a nagging way once they realize they are being approached. Do not let that put you off, rather, kindle your fuel… stand before her with confidence regardless of who is there. It increases her confidence and say much about how you really bad need her. When she flaunts and blab, be the gentle one who will be so helpless unless you get her.

  • The right first word.

The right first word should not be a greeting, an excuse or a distraction tips as the “have I net you before” cliché; this have failed a million times now and doesn’t have the likeliness to make a catch anymore. Instead, the right word should be a compliment. Pick a very glaring attribute of hers and work on it. Be factual, the truth is that she might have known that, someone must have told her. So, pick that and complement it with a very minute detail of hers that most people or even she does no know.

Example: if the lady is dark in complexion that will be a stand point. A simple line as “I was going blind with these lots of lights until you restored my sight with the dark complexion. You are a perfect personification of black is beautiful and if you permit me, I will never cease to gaze on his black of yours. The additional detail might be her toes, hair, smile, eyes, hips or whatever… just make out a complement she would be forced to say thank you.

Ladies love compliment generally, so don’t spare to start with one; I will break the shell and water the ground for a fertile relationship.

These little tip should be able to get you started but remember, all humans are distinct so don’t compare her with someone you met in the past or some formed up qualities in your mind.

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