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Incase you are looking for ways you can format your laptop on window 10 this post gives you all the details you need. Formatting a laptop may not be as simple as you think especially on the modern windows such as window 8 and window 10.

If you are already using window 10 and want to format the laptop the technical procedure is not the same as that of window. The reason is that window 10 has lots of technical issues than the previous windows especially when it comes to running updates and installations. The unavoidable challenges in window usually call for a reset.

Conditions that requires you to format your laptop

Formatting modern computers may not be necessary in most cases. The ‘reset to earlier state’ function has minimized the frequency or conditions that will require us to format our laptop. If your laptop speed has dropped just after an update, you don’t need formatting all you need is to restore it to an earlier state before the update took place.

Assuming your laptop started malfunctioning after downloading a file and installing it. The solution should be to uninstall the very file and delete it from your laptop and reset the laptop to its earlier state when it was operating better.

However, your laptop needs formatting when you have used it for a long time and want to sell it out or gift it to someone without leaving any of your information inside. The easiest way to be sure all your files and details have been removed from the computer is a factory or formatting. The action returns the laptop to its earlier state when you first launch it.

To know how you can format your laptop using window 10, follow these steps:

Type ‘settings’ in the search form in your tool bar under your laptop screen.

From the list of options, select the ‘settings’ option.

From the ‘settings’ select ‘Update and Security’ this option is the last among the 9 options inside the Settings options.


Once you click on the ‘Update and Security’ select the ‘Recovery’ in the left panel

There will be 3 major options to select from once you click the button. The options are; “ Reset this PC” ”Go back to an earlier state ” & ”Advanced startup” these three options will give you all you need to either format the laptop or reset it to an earlier time it was working properly. The difference between these two is that one resets to an earlier time by prompting for date and time while the other will just format the laptop and return it to its factory settings.

Assuming you are formatting the window 10, you need to select ‘Reset this PC’ option to reset it to the factory default settings. The ‘Advanced startup ’ option is for booting from a recovery USB drive or CD. Tis option helps to roll back the laptop to its former operating window. In other words, it lets you uninstall the window 10 completely and reboot the laptop with a different window compactible with the laptop.

The moment you click on the ‘Reset this PC’ option, another panel will show up with a button on the right that says ‘Get started’. Click on the button to proceed to the next level.

Select from any of these two options: ‘Keep My Files’ or ‘Remove everything’. If you want the formatting to keep your files then select the first option otherwise select the second option to delete all your file during the formatting. Before selecting the second option ensure you have backed up your important files such as pictures, documents, videos, music, and raw files, etc. using an external device such as external hard disc or flash drive. However, this option is suitable if you are giving out the computer without giving out any of your information. Another reason why you should choose this option is when you are troubleshooting a stubborn virus attack on your window.

After selecting the right choice, click the next button. A warning panel will show up with the following information ‘This PC was recently upgraded to Window 10. If you Reset this PC, you won’t be able to undo the upgrade and go back to the previous version of windows.’ Since you already know what you are doing, click on the ‘Next’ button to continue. The next button is ‘Reset’ click on it to initiate the resetting.

In case your screen can’t open due to corrupt file, you do the formatting directly from the sign-in screen by selection the ‘troubleshoot’ option.  Press the window logo key and L key on the keyboard. You will be taken to windows 10 sign-in. while on the sign-in screen do not login rather restart the laptop by pressing the shift key while pressing the power button restart option on the right section beneath the screen.

At this stage, the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) display. All you need to do is select ‘Reset this PC’ and follow the next prompts to reset the laptop.

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